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The Imposition of Traffic Speed Limitations


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Safe driving is a topic that has attracted interest from various states, with most of the states adopting rules and regulations that guide traffic. While some people believe that the speed limit limitation is essential, some could still believe that it is unnecessary. Some of us, or at least our relatives have experienced a car crash in our lives. It is a traumatic event that some opine could be avoided, supposing the driver was keen enough to observe the prescribed speed limits (Son et al., 2019). This paper intends to support the imposition of traffic speed limitations.


At all costs, the state must ensure road safety to secure its citizens, especially by tracking the maximum speed limit. Such control measures are the most efficient way of avoiding the vehicle, driver, and other road users’ adverse consequences. According to the World Health Organization report, speeding forms one of the most critical problems that invites an immediate resolution. In 2004, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that road traffic injuries contributed to 22% of the total injury mortality in 2002 (De Pauw et al., 2018). According to the WHO report, the speed of the vehicle was the primary cause of the problem. Children aged between 10 and 19 years died from road accidents while tens of million we injured. Thus, the WHO proposed that the states set speed-appropriate speed limits depending on the function and the design of the road. These statistics are an indicator of why the speed limit must be controlled. A single vehicle may cause an accident that leads to consequences that are too hard to understand, with several casualties leading to severe injuries and, at the worst, severe fatalities.


In conclusion, the limitation of speed will cause improved road safety. For instance, controlled speed levels are paramount in such areas as the school zones. Pupils are quite immature besides being unpredictable. This nature of the school-going children almost leads to the prevalence of car accidents around the schools. It is thus imperative to erect speed bumps where roads cut a school zone. These speed bumps would practically lower the number of casualties.


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