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Car Washing Techniques: Like a Pro


Nowadays, many people use cars daily, be it for getting to work, delivering the food bought from supermarkets, or taking your children to school. Extensive use of your car certainly does not make it look any better. That being said, taking care of your car is not only necessary for making it look fresh and almost brand new, but also for preserving its value. There are many different ways to clean a car, but it is important to know how to do it without damaging your car in the process.

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Important things to know about car washing

The first thing to note is choosing the day you want to wash the car wisely. You never want to clean it during a hot or sunny day, because the water will evaporate too quickly, resulting in soap spots all over your car. It is better to clean your car during a cool and overcast day, or at least park it in places free of the sunlight. Also, make sure you remove any nasty manifestations of our nature, like dead bugs, bird poop, and chemicals from the atmosphere beforehand, because if left untouched for too long, they will strip off the wax and will eat into your car’s paint (“Do’s and Don’ts of Washing Your Car”, par. 3). When it comes to choosing tools for washing, it is better to use those that do not damage the car’s paint badly but still remove contamination effectively. The rule of thumb is to avoid using household cleaning agents such as hand soap or glass cleaner, as they will also strip off the wax. Therefore, only use dedicated car wash products, but be also pay attention to the compatibility of various cleaners with your vehicle’s wheels. For more safety, try looking for cleaners that are safe to use on all wheels.

The cleaning processes

Before cleaning a car, rinse all the surfaces with a hose and water in order to remove loose dirt and debris, and then you are ready to wash. The most common thing that many people encounter during car wash is the appearance of swirl marks. You can avoid them by using two buckets of water: one with soap water, and one with clean water. Whenever you want to reload your sponge with soapy water, dip it into the clean water first to remove all the dirt collected from your car before. Another common mistake made by people is moving a sponge in circles while cleaning. You never want to do that because it can also create swirl marks. Moving a sponge lengthwise across all body panels is the right way to go. When you are finished with washing, the next step is drying your car to prevent water spots. You can use quality cloth-like chamois or microfiber towels to do that, or you can try using paint-safe squeegees (“Proper Car Washing and Drying Techniques”, par. 15). The finishing step involves polishing and applying protective wax to your vehicle so that it helps to retain a good look.


Keeping your car clean does not only make it look better, but it also provides additional safety for the vehicle. At first glance, nothing dangerous could be expected from some dirt on your car, but as it builds up, it traps moisture and then constantly makes contact with the clear coat. The next thing you know is that the clear coat is damaged, and all the dirt seeps underneath, damaging it even more. With nothing protecting the paint, it is just a matter of time until some kid damages it by scratching another funny saying in your car, and when moisture reaches metal, the process of rusting begins. So keep that in mind whenever you postpone a car wash to a better day.


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