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The Interdependence Between Victimization and Media

Law Making Process

On November 3, 2009, Mr. Doug was accused of sexually abusing his children; the father of three children did not reject his fault and confessed to everything expressing his remorse. As a result of his conviction, the law sentenced the man to community corrections.

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The decision of the law harmed the victims of the crime, who were the children of the widowed man. Mr. Doug committed the crime in his own house and the District Attorney decided to divest him of all ownership; this led to the children being deprived of the house and leaving them completely homeless. The innocent victims of the crime lost their homes resulting from the forfeiture statute.

Police Enforcement and Investigation

Dorothy Kooper reported to the police about sexual assault suffered the day before in her district not far from her house. The girl of 20 years old came back from her business courses and was attacked by a man of middle age, who stopped the car when she was passing by. The investigation process lasted for a week and Dorothy experienced a number of ‘cross examinations’ during the period.

The victim of sexual assault appeared to be the potential patient of psychological clinics because of psychic breakage resulting from constant oppression and questioning during the investigation. As San Samuel stated, the girl’s psychological state was under the threat and she was to consult the specialist, not only through the trauma caused by sexual assault but by the investigation process harming the victim’s moral condition. (Henry, 2009)

Court Processing: Prosecutors

Samantha Geimer, the victim of the sex case being at the age of 13, used to suffer it through her memories again. The woman is 45 now and the arrest of the man in Switzerland a few weeks ago, made the victim memorize all the events of that horrible afternoon.

The arrest of Roman Polanski returned the case of 1977 which was infamous to the public. Nowadays women and her family suffer the pressing on the part of media and prosecutors interfering with victim’s private life and pushing all the events of that day to the news. (O’Neill, 2009)

Court Processing: Defense Attorneys

Maria Lassy, the victim of sexual abuse, was involved in court processing for about a year. Her case was really complicated, as it was stated by criminology department representative, Sarah Shoe; the woman of 32, having one little daughter was threatened because of the offender’s freedom; court processing lasting for a long period of time led to suicide commitment of the victim.

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It should be stressed that defense attorney work was not efficiently planned which made the victim live under the pressure of fear for her life and her child. Psychological and emotional instability resulted in medical pills treatment; the woman strived to calm herself and in such a way and as a result, she lost her mind and decided to commit suicide, leaving her little daughter without parents. Now, the girl lives with her grandparents, and the woman appeared to be the victim of the stress caused by the courts’ system pressing and defense attorney system.

Judicial Oversight and Sentencing

Charles’ parents were convicted for rude treatment of their child; according to the words of his neighbors, the child was very shy and people could hardly see him playing on the street; he was not very sociable and did not visit kindergarten, spending all the time with grandmother, while his parents were drinking. After the couple’s rehabilitation program the court gave one more chance to the family, but the result repeated again.

The sentencing of the parents appeared to be too mild; the rehabilitation program introduction in the American judicial system impacts the psychological improvements of the prisoners; nevertheless, the child became the victim of judicial oversight. Now, the man and woman are deprived of parental rights being convicted to several years of imprisonment. The child got psychological trauma and is treated in the psychic clinic, being under the close attention of his grandmother. (Persy, 2009)


Last week the police found the boy with heavy injuries near the local park of the city. The boy was taken to the hospital reporting that he became the victim of three teenagers; the offenders have already been identified.

As it was found out, the victim of the crime suffered the attack on the part of these band members a year ago; after reporting to the police the boys were arrested, but released after the probation term.

Corrections Departments (prison system)

Recently the mother of two daughters returned from the place of imprisonment where she spent 5 years for attempts to kill her child. The woman was to be deprived of parental rights, but there were some problems with the papers, so, officially she was the mother of her children. After two days of their life together, the girls were taken to the hospital having heavy injuries. (George, 2009)

The prison system did not influence the reality perception of the woman; the victims appeared to suffer the same crime on the part of their mother. The correction department could not regulate all the problems with rights depriving in time resulting in heavy injuries of the victims.

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Parole Authorities

The Department of Crime Regulations in Oklahoma reported about the murder crime of the released Charles Stanley, who spent 3 years fighting his boss and stealing a big sum of money.

It is necessary to underline the fact that the parole system stimulated the murder of entrepreneur and owner of manufacturing business, the former boss of the killer; according to the words of his relatives, the man was under the threat of Charles Stanley, who gave him constant calls after being released. (Smith, 2009)


The research paper gave an opportunity to evaluate the interdependence between victimization and media; the paper clarified and exemplified the level of justice system impact on the victims, and disclosed the harm which can be brought by law interference with victimization issues.

It is necessary to underline the fact that the court interference with the fate of the victims in most cases provides an indirect impact on the destiny. The examples analyzed above proved the role of media and prosecutors as well as the investigation process and its period; the paper managed to show the negative impact on the formation of judicial system perception of the general populations; sometimes, the oversight of judicial system process can result in the murder and crime level increase.


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