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Social Media Impact on Children

Technology is a contemporary phenomenon which has been widely implemented across the world. Undoubtedly, social and electronic media as well as television have significant impact on the population of all ages. Although the benefits associated with these innovations are commendable, it is important to explore the impacts they have on children.

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Social media tends to have negative influence on children and adolescents. The time spent on social media exposes these vulnerable groups to content that might not be recommended for their age. Children might meet content on social media that can encourage inappropriate behaviors. Adolescents are frequently subjected to peer pressure from what they view on social media. They want to live the lifestyle demonstrated on social media and thus may not understand that such conduct might prove substantially different in real life. Bullying is another issue associated with the social media since peers bully their friends based on their status, height, appearance, weight or other physical features (Ruth 450).

However, television and electronic media may have positive impact on a child’s development. There are programs designed to educate children on various details as well as social skills and abilities. The content may also expand the cognitive abilities in children. Computers and the internet can also be used to influence such developments. However, parents and guardians should in some cases restrict what the children can access with the help of computers and the internet to prevent them from accessing content that is beyond their comprehension.

As a child, I watched television but not as much as the current generation. The programs I viewed sparked my development as they were educative and inspiring, thus fulfilling the importance of art, creativity and innovativeness in my development.

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