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The Learning Activity Management System

At the University, the need for change was caused by old-fashioned technology and equipment which prevented students from effective learning and knowledge acquisition in distance education. The objectives of LAMS (the Learning Activity Management) project are consistent with the strategies that the entire organization LAMS aims to support educational facilities and increase standards of education.

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The project consists of the main sections: project background and scope, benefits and outcomes of the project, education and technical support, human resources, budget and evaluation of implementation (Project Plan: LAMS n.d.). Electronic technologies are change in every area of work and social life in the modern world. Universities are responding to a crucial need aimed to adopt on-line technologies that will enable them to provide up-to-date education and training. The goal of the change introduced by Macquarie University is to “integrate, develop and promote” the use of new technological systems, The University believes that increased standards should include foreign language training and cultural awareness beginning.

The change process is based on Lewin’s (1951) three stage model:

  1. unfreeze;
  2. change;
  3. refreeze.

Also, the LAMS project consists of two main parts: technical integration and staff support programs. the LAMS project managers prove that the methods and technologies surrounding teaching and teaching have been systematized, so that those involved now take for granted the way things are done, just as educators in more conventional environments take for granted the way face-to-face, classroom teaching should occur.

At the first stage of change, the objectives of LAMS project are specific and derived from the objectives of the organization. LAMS project structure and consent meet the needs and expectations of the University and educators, thus it can be restructured in order to simplify the implementation phase. The LAMS project long-range plan is realistic and doable, even if it needs an R&D stretch to become more challenging. The LAMS project management should pay more attention to monitoring and control phases, and develop possible alternatives and solutions to problems and innovations appeared on the market (Kezar, 2001).

At the second stage of change, change of the magnitude planned by the University is easy and fast. For the University, this long-term transformation requires simultaneous attention to the University’s culture, the knowledge and skills of academics as teachers, the organizational and reserves arrangements supporting learning and teaching, practices and its frames of relationships within the University and with international communities.

The main change in structure should deal with training and education of staff. Following Frame (2002) it would be possible to provide training of teachers simultaneously with technology implementation (Kezar, 2001). At the third stage, change management is based on two factors that impact the project. These are the internal and the external environments. The external environment of the organization is generally not directly under the control of the organization.

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These ideas influence LAMS project structure and demand change management and monitoring of new innovations in this field. These institutions influence R&D (Research and Development) and LAMS project strategies in a number of ways (Kezar, 2001).

The effectiveness of the change model is caused by the fact that most of the major distance teaching universities, on the other hand, are embarking on major changes to their distance education centers ranging from disbandment and dispersal into faculties, to down-sizing of technical production facilities and personnel, to redefinition of the roles of instructional designer and editor. They may encounter problems of lack of staff developers with expertise in individual performance of teachers. Instead of viewing a distance education program holistically.


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