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The Meaning of Human Existence

Meaning of Spirituality

Spirituality refers to the sense of connection to a higher being or purpose that goes beyond normal human understanding. In that regard, it is the connection that humans have to the divine. Spirituality can also be defined as the connection humans have to concepts that are hard to comprehend such as nature, the universe, and eternity (Green, 2008). As such, humans try to find answers to the origin f life, what happens after death, and the vastness of nature. Spirituality can also be described as the way n which people seek and express purpose in life by establishing connections to other humans, animals, nature, and the divine.

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I think pluralism refers to the existence of different views, beliefs, and perspectives regarding certain concepts that people embrace. For example, it can refer to the existence of different religious that have varied beliefs, teachings, and values. Scientism refers to the belief that science is the most reliable and effective method of understanding human beings, life, and the universe. It is the most important source of knowledge that human beings can use to answer the questions that trouble them. Postmodernism refers to a school of thought that embraces skepticism as a way of challenging the validity of important concepts such as nature, rationality, ideologies, spirituality, and civilization. It challenges the assumptions of moderns, and seeks to challenge existing or traditional beliefs, ideologies, and structures.

Prime Reality

Prime reality refers to God or the universe. In the scriptures, God is represented as an omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent being, the creator of the universe, and the beginning of all that exists (Green, 2008). God is sovereign, all- wise, and good. In the New Testament, He is defined as love.

Nature of the World

The world around me was created by God, is comprised of matter, and is an orderly entity. Human beings interact with the world when they use its components such as air and natural resources to enhance their survival. I believe that the world was made primarily to support the existence of man. Human being’s responsibility is to take care of the world and make it better.

What is a Human Being?

A human being is a creature made in the image of God and endowed with both physical and spiritual capabilities. Humans are endowed with rationality that helps them to find the purpose of their existence, their origin, and the aftermath of their lives. Their spirituality allows them to connect with God while their physical attributes allow them to interact with the world.

What Happens to a Person at Death?

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Death is one of the most important aspects of human life because it marks the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another. At death, the human body is annihilated and soul leaves the body and joins the realm of the spiritual (Brar, 2012). The soul is transformed to a higher state and joins the souls of people who died a long time ago. The new state is purely spiritual and does not involve human aspects such as feelings and emotions.

Why is it Possible to Know Anything At All?

As mentioned earlier, human beings are created in the image of an all-knowing God who possesses all knowledge. Therefore, God endows humans with the ability to acquire knowledge and understand life and the universe (Brar, 2012). Humans are born with this ability and develop it as they encounter the challenges of daily living. The conscience and rationality are the main sources of guidance and knowledge for human beings.

How Do People Know what is Right or Wrong?

Human beings are created in the image of a God who is good. Therefore, it is in their nature to do good and avoid evil. On the other hand, God has equipped humans with a conscience that helps them to differentiate good from evil (Green, 2008). The human conscience and rationality work together to help people make the right decisions. In moments of decision, humans are able to evaluate the various options available and determine the right one. The ability to differentiate the right and the wrong is an innate gift that every human being was given at creation.

What is the Meaning of Human History?

Human history is a collection of people’s experiences since the creation of the world. Its main purpose is to help human beings realize God’s love and purpose for their lives (Wilson, 2015). For instance, the stories of the Old Testament highlight the origin of human life and the source of human disobedience against God. It also prepares people for a life in communion with God, outlines God’s expectations of His people, and the consequences of human disobedience (Wilson, 2015). The Bible comprises of a sequence of events that highlights the major events in human history. For instance, it discusses the stories of creation, fall of humanity, redemption, and glorification (Brar, 2012). Human history gives life meaning and explains God’s purpose for human beings.

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