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The Methodist Doctrinal Heritage

In consideration of the Methodist’s heritage and the study of it, Methodists are people from many denominations and organizations that attribute their beliefs to John Wesley.

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In reference to The United Methodist Book of Disciple, (pp. 45), Methodists in the early times were drawn from all walks of life and to this day, the same is happening worldwide though, in its early times of existence, the messages were taken to the marginalized groups like the laborers and even criminals, who was basically thought to be left out by the mainstream organized religion of the time.

The Methodist’s doctrinal heritage points to the church since its inception, its growth, and development through the times as well as it’s fundamental belief not forgetting its theological integrity and spreading the word far and abroad.

Their heritage is also sought from the beliefs of the Christians in, well the apostolic age to Jesus Christ.

Forming part of its strong foundations is, believing in the ecumenical creed through which the church’s integrity is preserved as well as the Christian scriptures which are the foundations upon which their faith is based.

The church also has got a set of clear cut boundaries that are the acceptable doctrines that its followers must keep at heart and follow.

The United Methodist Book of Disciple (pp. 12) reports that their faith is also characterized by their sentiments that are propelling their lives across all the ages, that is the past times, the present and even the future, that their messages are carried from generation to generation and therefore serving the church’s main aim of preaching the gospel.

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This, therefore, gives the most important aspects of the Methodist’s doctrinal as well as ecumenical heritage. They also believe in the holy trinity is in God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit that this is the power that holds the world in a place that through Jesus, there is redemption top humanity and to this day that is seen through the works of the Holy Spirit.

In the changing times and particularly today, with its theological contribution to Christianity and society, Methodism has greatly contributed by hugely uniting people of all backgrounds and origins by emphasizing the use of scriptures which of course they share with other Christian denominations.

This brings people of all cultures, gender, and ethnic backgrounds together courtesy of their common beliefs.

The major weaknesses Methodism has though is the over-emphasis of some practices that are rather considered outdated as per the present times.

Due to the changing times and even modes of worship, this brings about many problems that the leadership has got to meet to come up with solutions.

According to The United Methodist Book of Disciple (pp. 34), the weaknesses include weaknesses when addressing injustices that are against mankind, for instance, racial discrimination, terrorism, and unending wars.

As shown in “The United Methodist Book of Disciple” (pp. 17) in the long run, Methodism has and will always champion for the sanctity of the Christian faith and living respecting the Holy Trinity and the fulfillment of the work of God in the later day’s that is the end time.

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With the challenges that come up and with the fulfillment of prophecy, Methodism still stands strong as in trying to find solutions to these challenges and therefore filling the blanks that all the other Christian denominations are to trying to fill to make the world a better place to live in.

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