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Hristianity and Islam Differences and Similarities

Christianity and Islam are two major religions in the world. Some people often see the two religions as convergent as people practicing them tend to oppose each other. Of course, these religions have some differences but they also have loads of similarities. In fact, Christianity and Islam have a lot in common and are referred to as religions with similar origins, spread and teachings. It is possible to trace similarities and differences of the two religions to understand that people practicing them share the same values.

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In the first place, it is necessary to note that Islam and Christianity are monotheistic religions which originate from another faith, Judaism. Notably, both religions refer to The Old Testament as the relevant source and the origin of beliefs which developed later. Importantly, monotheistic nature of Christianity and Islam was especially important at the time of the religions’ formation as they became a specific alternative to polytheistic religions which existed at that time. Both Muslims and Christians believe that god is the Creator of everything. However, this is also where the two faiths differ since Christians believe in Trinity (they think god is one substance but different persons) and Muslims stress that god is one substance and one person.

The time as well as place of the religions development is also different. Thus, Christianity appeared in the first century A.D. whereas Islam was formed in the 7th century A.D. Islam spread in the Middle East and South East of Asia while Christianity spread in Europe (and then in Americas and Australia). At this point, it is necessary to note that differences between these religions are associated with details (dates, places and manifestation of the divine force). At the same time, they are similar in major points and origins.

Apart from similarities in origins, the two religions have a lot in common when it comes to teachings. Islam and Christianity have sacred texts where values and guidance are highlighted. Thus, Muslims have Qur’an and Christians have Bible. Importantly, in Islam, it is believed that the book is based on the word of God Christians share the same attitude towards their sacred texts. However, Christians also believe that some texts are inspired by people’s stories.

In both religions, Jesus is present as well. He is seen as a great prophet but Jesus is the son of god for Christians while he is a human who had a miraculous birth for Muslims. Notably, according to these religions, there will be the second coming of Jesus. At the same time, Christians believe that Jesus was killed and resurrected while, according to Islam, Jesus never died but went to heaven so he could not resurrect.

One of central concepts to both religions is the idea of salvation. Christians and Muslims have similar views on afterlife as they believe sinful people go to hell while righteous people travel to paradise (heaven). In Christianity, people can deserve salvation through righteous deeds, sinless life and sacrifices. For Muslims, salvation can be received through righteous deeds, sinless life and Five Pillars (which are quite similar to values found in Christianity). It is possible to go into detail when considering similarities between Five Pillars and Christian values.

The first Pillar is admitting that there is no god other than God. One of Christian Commandments is not to create an idol as there is no other god than God. The second Pillar is concerned with praying as Muslims must pray 5 times a day. Christians also pray though the number of prayers is not defined that strictly. The third Pillar is sharing (giving certain part of earnings to the poor). Likewise, Christians also think charity is crucial and give a lot to those in need. The fourth Pillar is fasting during Ramadan. In Christianity, there are several fasts. The fifth Pillar is pilgrimage. Notably, Christians have often been pilgrims to holy places though there is no law in Christianity which could force a person to go to a certain distant place. Clearly, the two religions in question are very similar as regards values.

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Finally, it is necessary to note that both religions acknowledge each other. In other words, Muslims see Christians as those practicing righteous but somewhat corrupted religion and vice versa. Both religions emphasize that the other is based on righteous principles but is deviated in many areas.

On balance, it is necessary to stress that Islam and Christianity are very similar though they have certain differences. Nonetheless, these differences are quite irrelevant as they are concerned with details whereas major values and concepts are absolutely the same. The two religions teach people to live righteous lives and be moral and empathic to everyone including those practicing other religions. Of course, there have been numerous events and conflicts which make Muslims and Christians hostile to each other. However, those events are not caused by religions as people were trying to hide their economic interest with the help of religious beliefs. The twenty-first century is time to stop animosity and understand that Christians and Muslims share the same values and have to live in peace.

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