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The Most Recent Technology: Blackberry Messenger


Thanks to the world’s move towards becoming a global village, new technological advancements have emerged and smart phone users are not an exception. Latest models of blackberry phones have one of the most recent technological infrastructures embedded in them. Among its most recent feature being Blackberry messenger, which has made it possible for people to chat and exchange messages. Its multilingual capacity has ensured universal application thereby charting ways for everyone in the globe to utilize it. This has effectively increased Blackberry users and made the Blackberry messenger application to be one of the greatest developments in handset application technologies. This paper will attempt to explore what expert say about the latest instant messenger application using McLuhan’s tetrad theory (Research in Motion Limited, p. 1).

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Blackberry Messenger refers to an instant messaging application developed and designed for the latest Blackberry Smartphone users. Also referred to as BBM, it takes prides in its unlimited characters and a chat mode that eases sharing with friends and business partners, among others. It is usually preinstalled in the blackberry phones during the manufacturing process, and it is easily updated as newest versions come into the market with much sophisticated application platforms. This mobile application software was developed in 2009, by the software developing company Research in Motion (RIM). It presents the user with multiple task operation capabilities ranging from text- to discussions and chat rooms. Besides, users can send or receive pictures and files over the network with the latest capabilities like the use of QR codes in adding friends (Research in Motion Limited, p. 1).

What the Experts Say based on the tetrad theory from McLuhan

Whenever a new technological application hits the market, experts offer their views and advice on the possible success rate as well as further needs or problems associated with such applications. BBM is no exception in the current case and using the 4 basic tetrads formally introduced by McLuhan, we can examine this application and its prospects. The theory includes, exploration of what the new technology enhances, makes obsolete, retrieves or reverses. These pedagogical tools must be met simultaneously by any medium to be highly successful (Library and Archives Canada).

Enhancement-Black berry as it is known enhances communication between its users including the exchange of files as well as pictures through its RIM network, and it is quite imperative to note that this service is free, compared to the charges based on cell phones. Another quality is based on Obsolescence; the use of BBM on Smartphones has reduced the importance of using laptops with modems, or cell phones which offer their services in terms of normal text messaging. The third quality lies in its retrieval ability, which is quite advantageous since pictures and files can now be exchanged freely over a secure RIM network and therefore bring together business personnel as well as youths. The last quality is Reversal, and this is presented in Blackberry’s ability to multitask as a computer given its pads that take the format of a normal keyboard. BBM, therefore, satisfies McLuhan’s triad and this can be seen in its users who have increased tremendously, and are currently over 25 million with more yet to get involved (Library and Archives Canada, pp. 1-3).


BBM has been a revelation since it was launched, and it is tipped by several experts to continue its dominance within the business world. Moreover, its dominance in the youth market is set to increase while the other groups are slowly joining its market base. This is mainly because Blackberry is user-friendly and conforms to computers. According to Al Sacco, a CIO correspondent, more is expected from BBM, and this is pegged on their IM platform, its security and RIM’s strength in promoting its growth. Blackberry is therefore a force to reckon with and is set to dominate for a long time (Sacco par. 1-3).

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