The Nature of Females' Choices and Behavior | Free Essay Example

The Nature of Females’ Choices and Behavior

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Topic: Psychology

Problem Statement

All people strive for happiness, and it is now seen as one of the central goals of human existence. However, many people cannot be happy due to various issues. The feeling of emptiness is one of these problems. It is especially common among women who often try to keep up to various standards accepted in society. The inability to meet the standards, females often develop a sense of emptiness (Pedro, 2015). Another reason for this feeling can be a trauma. Irrespective of the reasons for feeling emptiness, all women try to cope with this problem. In the majority of cases, they try to fill in their internal voids with some external things. These can be buying clothes and other things, having pets, investing in appearance, and so on (Pedro, 2015). Nonetheless, these tactics are still unsuccessful as females still suffer and may even develop various psychological disorders or even commit suicide. This is why it is crucial to understand the reasons why women engage in this or that activity in their effort to fill in their internal voids. This knowledge can help researchers develop efficient tools that can be used by women worldwide.

Proposed Research Question

To address the research topic, it is necessary to develop a sound research question. The subject matter of this study is the reasons behind the behavior of women trying to cope with the feeling of emptiness. Therefore, the research question can be as follows:

Why do women try to use external things to address their internal emptiness?


To address the research question, it is necessary to employ a qualitative research method. Phenomenology is the most appropriate approach as it focuses on the nature of the phenomenon. This research focuses on the nature of females’ choices and behavior in a certain psychological state. In other words, the researcher will concentrate on women’s experiences and will try to elicit some patterns that will explain the reasons behind women’s behavior.

The identification of patterns through the analysis of experiences is the essence of the phenomenological methodology (Moustakas, 1994). To collect the necessary information, it is necessary to carry out semi-structured interviews. This form will enable the researcher to encourage females to share their experience fully and openly. The participants may develop a trusting attitude towards the interviewer, which will make them more open.

The researcher also has the necessary flexibility to elicit the information that can best fit the research topic. The researcher will be able to draw the participants’ attention to aspects they often neglected. To make sure that all aspects and details are discussed, it can be necessary to have several interviews with the participants. It can also help trace any changes in females’ attitudes after they have discussed their issues with another person.

Significance of the Research

It is necessary to note that the study will undoubtedly contribute to the knowledge base concerning ways females use to address their internal voids. The number of studies on the matter is rather limited, and this research can fill in numerous gaps. Another potential outcome of the research is the development of the necessary background for creating effective strategies to cope with the feeling of emptiness. Practitioners will be able to identify reasons for certain behaviors, outcomes of some behaviors, and effective methods to deal with the feeling of emptiness.


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