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The Nestle Company: Communication Process

Identify the Web Site, the Sender, and Perceived Receiver

The website I have chosen is a website of Nestle, which is an international food and beverage association from Switzerland. The sender is the Nestle Company; the perceived receiver is any user that decided to visit the company’s website and is investigating the website for any additional information about the organization.

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Analyze the Integrated Business Communication

Integrated marketing communications is a method of attaining the goals of a commerce campaign by the means of sufficiently combined application of assorted promoting mechanisms that are aimed at the reinforcement of each other. The goals of a commerce campaign consist in the promoting the awareness of the broad audience about the Nestle brand. The website suggests an interactive map of all locations of the Nestle Company throughout the world. Moreover, the organization increases the recognition of a Nestle production by implementing other brands in assorted areas, such as “baby foods, bottled water, cereals, chocolate and confectionery, coffee, culinary, dairy, drinks, food service, healthcare nutrition, ice cream, and pet care” (About us, 2015, para. 2).

Assess the Media Richness of the Section

In their 1988 article regarding media richness theory, Daft and Lengel state, “the more learning that can be pumped through a medium, the richer the medium. Media richness is a function of characteristics including the following: ability to handle multiple information cues simultaneously, ability to facilitate rapid feedback, ability to establish a personal focus, and ability to utilize natural language” (p. 226).

The Nestle website depicts the capability to administer numerous information clues at once (Brinker, Gastil, & Richards, 2015). The quality characteristics of the Nestle production that differentiate it from the contending companies based on a detached assessment in described in the section ‘Quality and Safety’. The performance of Nestle Company is depicted in the sections ‘Our Brands’, ‘Features’, ‘Images and Videos’ and ‘Insight Blogs’. The components and contents, taste, nutrition and package forms are briefly described in the ‘Quality and Safety’ section. The Nestle production is widely available over the world, which is defined in the section that is called ‘Nestle Worldwide.’

The reviews of the customers, both positive and negative, could be observed in the section ‘Connect on Social Media,’ as well as the contacts of the company. Guarantees and warranties could be observed in the ‘Quality and Safety’ section, as well as ‘Responsible Sourcing’ and partially ‘Business Principles’, where the post-purchase security of the production and the protection aspects could be evaluated. And the last but not the least, the new ideas and the strategy for further work are presented in the sections ‘Strategy’ and ‘Insight blogs’. The ability to simplify the swift response is embodied in the ‘Connect on Social Media’ and ‘Ask Nestle’ divisions.

Describe How The Message Is Framed

The ‘About Us’ section is divided into eighteen subsections, where all the necessary information about the brand and its production is presented. Moreover, the main page of the section consists of seven boxes of information about the company: “Nestlé is committed to enhancing people’s lives by offering tastier and healthier food and beverage choices at all stages of life and at all times of the day; it is providing safe, quality nutrition for more than 140 years; there are more than two thousand brands worldwide and around three forty hundred thousand employees; Nestle conducts operations in nearly two hundred countries; its CHF is 91,6 billion in 2014, and its objective is to be the leader in nutrition, health, and wellness” (About us, 2015, para. 1).

Identify Opinion Leaders

If the visitor of Nestle website, he or she could notice that the main opinion leader of an every section is the Nestle company itself. Every text is conducted in the first person. However, some sections provide the reports and documents that are available for downloading.

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After reading and evaluating them, the user would be able to be a presenter of an opinion leader for himself towards the productivity, management, and manufacturing of the Nestle Company: “We have published our 2014 Annual Report, outlining our performance over the past year and our ambitions for the years ahead. The Annual Report contains Nestlé’s Corporate Governance Report and Financial Statements. It is published alongside the summary report ‘Nestlé in society: Creating Shared Value and meeting our commitments’” (About us, 2015, para. 4).

Make Recommendations for Improving Word Choice

The section is well-written and easily understandable; however, it could use several profound adjustments that would make a tremendous discrepancy in order to improve the overall impression of the text. Where the words in the text are not entirely definite or clear, they should be replaced by those that are more definitive and relevant to the topic of the subsection.

Moreover, to my opinion, the text should not contain redundant words or multiple references to the authority of the company, for example: “We’re committed to foster responsible practices in our supply chain; we have built our business on the conviction that to have long-term success, we not only have to comply with all applicable legal requirements while ensuring our activities are sustainable, but we must also create value for society” (About us, 2015, para. 5) and so on.


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