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The Phenomenon of Racism

Racism is a multilevel phenomenon that, unfortunately, is quite common in the modern world. Despite the development of technology and the amount of knowledge about the world, many people are still subjected to racial discrimination. This inhibits the processes leading to social harmony and mutual respect. In addition, racism causes psychological and even physical harm to people; therefore, multiple measures must be taken to eradicate it. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the texts of various authors who have addressed the topic of racism.

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Roppolo (2016) describes various racial stereotypes adopted among people from different historical periods and nations. Specifically, she talks about stereotypes associated with sports: massive white baseball boys and slender blonde cheerleaders. Indeed, these standard pictures are so familiar to people that they cannot imagine this sport in any other way. I have come across manifestations of this more than once in my life, watching school sports. Usually, this is taken for granted; however, it contributes to the development of racial discrimination.

Anzaldúa (2016) writes about mestizo and the problem of the “purity” of a particular race. Indeed, race-mixing causes adverse feelings in many people. It seems to be something alien, although it is usually a consequence of love. This problem is associated with other social and geopolitical phenomena since people of different races find each other due to the proximity or changes in state borders. There are several mestizos among my friends, and I believe that the value of each of them lies not in the race but intellectual and emotional characteristics.

Fayad (2016) writes about the peculiarities of the perception of Arab women. On the one hand, Arab culture, like any other, leaves an imprint on the lives of these people: they have specific rules to obey. On the other hand, most people of other nationalities know almost nothing about these features. Their opinions about Arab women are based solely on stereotypes accepted in society. This leads to a total misconception about these women and, therefore, creating a barrier between people. Indeed, I myself sometimes notice that I have a particular image of an Arab woman in my head. However, after reading it, I understand that people should not blindly follow unfounded stereotypes.

Smith (2016) provides several concrete ways to become less susceptible to racial prejudice. These include, for example, awareness of the privileges of white people. The author also suggests studying the history of people of color, fighting for equality, discussing important issues, and caring for one’s own nation’s dignified behavior. All these steps will lead people to create a society based on mutual respect. This will allow them to appreciate each person’s life, regardless of race, gender, or age. I think these tips are precious in our time. I try to follow them, although I do not always pay enough attention to racial issues. In addition, I understand that I am quite susceptible to stereotypes; however, now I am actively fighting this.

Racism is becoming a topic of discussion for numerous contemporary authors. This suggests that people are trying to solve this problem as effectively as possible. Simultaneously, the variety of issues related to racism shows that it is still quite widespread. Therefore, everyone’s task is to be as knowledgeable and attentive as possible about this topic. This will allow people to embrace the idea of ​​equality and stop cultivating discrimination.


Anzaldúa, G. (2016). Towards a new consciousness. In Adams, M., et al. (Eds.), Readings for diversity and social justice (pp. 73-77). Routledge.

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