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The Poster Analysis and Critique

The poster under analysis is called The Lived Experience Of Registered Nurses Navigating An RN-to-BSN Degree After 10 Years or More Away From Formal Education: A Phenomenological Study.

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The author of the poster is Clare E Owen.

Author’s Affiliation

The researcher is Master of Science in Nursing and registered nurse at College of Health Sciences, Barry University

Research Question

The research question focuses on the lived experience of RN-BSN programs and their influence on nurses after 10 years of being beyond the formal studies.

Problem Statement

The author refers to incredible challenges that registered nurses face while entering higher education. As a result, only half of the health care professionals manage to receive bachelor’s degree. Such a problem is explained by the lack of efficient programs that can encourage nurses to advance their education.


Higher level of nursing directly relates to higher levels of education.

Setting of the Study

The hypothesis is premised on the multiple research studies that demonstrate the evidence of tangible increase in the quality of medical services connected with higher levels of education. The author enumerates many valid and reliable researches dedicated to the analysis of this correlation. In addition, the study introduces the results of baccalaureate program. At the same time, the scholar acknowledges the fact most of registered nurses fail to graduate from the higher education establishment due to the high attrition rates of these programs.

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The study is based on both theoretical and philosophical underpinnings. To begin with, the author relies on the essential elements of common life experience. A phenomenological perspective implies that nurses should describe their feelings and attitudes to a specific event. The collected information aims to define the similarities in the experiences of the participants.


Answer the research question, the author has selected ten registered nurses that will participate in audiotaped interviews to define the similar themes, challenges, and concepts highlighted in nurses’ experiences.


The independent variables of the study involve baccalaureate programs. The independent variable includes registered nurses who decide to receive bachelor’s degree in science of nursing.

Study Findings

Although the results of the findings are pending, there are still certain implications of those. The findings of the research study indicate that the priority should be given to encouraging nurses to obtain associate’s degrees and upgrade their education. In addition, the study also recognizes the overreaching necessity to introduce improvements to the quality of education for registered nurses.

Poster Presentation

In general, the poster provides a well-grounded and well-structured organization with major headings, illustrations, and diagrams. In particular, the author employed various sizes font and color either to enhance or to diminish the significance of the introduced headings. Introducing photo of famous theorist is also relevant for the study. The choice of heading is also successful because it allows to define the priorities of the data delivered to the audience. The pie chart depicted to the left of the text provides a graphical illustration of the theoretical framework.

Summary of Your Experience

While analyzing the poster, I have learnt the basic elements of the design, as well as how poster on research study could be organized. At this point, while developing a poster, it is highly necessary to define which data is the most significant and which one should be omitted in order not to distract the audience from the main idea. However, there is still ambiguity concerning the hypothesis because no heading is presented for this issue.

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