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The Provision of Social Amenities for Illegal Immigrants


Over the ages, the US has been regarded by many individuals as a land of great opportunities. For most individuals, it is a fantasy to reside in the United States, a nation in which opportunity beckons at the corner. Even though a majority of individuals have actualized their fantasies of residing in the US, most of them are illegal immigrants. They discreetly migrate to and live in the US, and hence the American citizens are forced to shoulder their inadequacies. Currently, it is estimated that there are more than a million illegal immigrant getting access to social amenities in the US (Porter 66). These amenities include free medical services, education, and access to employment. Various scholars have argued that the American citizens should not bear the consequences of the adverse effects, which illegal immigrants have on the American society and economy.

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Illegal immigration fueled by amnesty

Over the years, Congress has approved various amnesties, which have allowed foreigners to live in the US permanently. Such legislations have assisted in the development of federal rewards and various forms of assistance for illegal foreigners. This has served as an attraction for illegal migrants to migrate to the US. The United States Census Bureau estimates that about 800,000 illegal foreigners enter the US on an annual basis. It goes further to state that about 11 million aliens are living in the US. The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) stated in 2000 that the amnesties allowed in 1986, which were supported by the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) had worsened the situation.

The legislation had a big impact; it essentially increased the number of illegal aliens as individuals migrated to reunite with their legalized kin. The question is providing amnesty in legislation the best method of tackling the issue of illegal immigrants, who persistently disregard attempts made to legalize their residence in the US (Orrenius & Zavodny 85).

Impact in the education sector

Even though matters of education do not fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government, most illegal aliens are not only gaining access to basic education; they also gain enrollment in federally financed institutions of higher learning. In a case filed at the US Supreme Court, the court held that children of illegal immigrants were eligible for free education. This meant that all public learning institutions were obliged to offer free education to children of illegal aliens. This ruling was strongly objected to by the American citizenry, and most states followed suit to enact laws and legislations to counter this Supreme Court ruling. The argument is that the federal government is using the taxpayers’ money to provide education to illegal immigrants. Why should the American citizen bear the costs of illegal citizens? The citizens of California reacted by endorsing a proposition 187 that prohibited illegal immigrants from accessing all public learning institutions (Porter 68-69).

Impact on employment

It has been noted that illegal aliens also pay federal taxes. They also seek employment in sectors or areas which are undesirable to American citizens. Additionally, they reside in areas which Americans despise. Therefore, there is no question about the essential roles played by illegal aliens in the US economy. However, the question is at what cost to the American citizens? The argument is that illegal aliens have flooded the employment market with a huge workforce, which is driving down the average wages. In the recent past, the US has realized a huge arrival of illegal alien workers. The most affected areas are the domestic service industry and construction sector.

The custodial sector has also been hard hit. Most employers are reluctant to pay Americans the huge wages they are demanding while they can get cheap labor from illegal immigrant workers (Sanders 59). It is argued that the number of wages paid to the American citizen in these sectors can sustain twice the number of illegal immigrant laborers on the same job. Essentially, illegal aliens are depriving Americans of a meaningful employment opportunity (Porter 69).

Impact on health care

A lot of questions have been raised about the persistent increase in medical costs on an annual basis in the US. The argument is that the federal government is funding the health care services offered to illegal immigrants. This is happening while a majority of Americans who are not insured are finding it difficult to finance their health care. Most illegal aliens are not bothered by this concern. According to statistics from the United States-Mexico Border Counties Coalition, most medical institutions in America offer about $200 million annually in uncompensated emergency health care to illegal aliens.

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Communicable diseases are some of the reasons why illegal aliens ought not to access social benefits like American citizens. All American citizens and legal immigrants are bound by law to be free of any illness for them to be allowed to work or enroll in learning institutions. However, this is not replicated in the case of illegal immigrants. It is claimed that the immigrant population is infecting the general citizenry with diseases thought to have been eradicated (Porter 70).


This paper proposes that there should be a ban enforced on the employment of illegal immigrants. Employers who fail to uphold the ban should be fined heavily or their business licenses revoked. It is not fair to place the American citizens under financial constraints as illegal immigrants rip the benefits of social amenities.

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