Social Services for Illegal Immigrants

The United States is a land with numerous opportunities, consequently, most people consider it a dreamland. A lot of people try to settle in America legally, the country of their dreams and opportunities (Acme articles). However, there are countless illegal immigrants in this country which sparks debates on whether they are advantageous to the United States or not. In comparison to the 1950s, their numbers continue to increase by a relatively large margin over the years. In fact, a large number of Americans trace their roots to earlier generations of immigrants.

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At times, the presence of immigrants has been valued. On the other hand, there have been queries on whether they should receive social services such as health care, welfare, and food stamps (Segal 117). The rationale for this essay is to demonstrate that illegal immigrants should be provided with access to social services because they largely contribute to the economy of the country. The paper examines their contributions in terms of benefits and costs with an aim to justify why they ought to receive these services.

The contribution of illegal immigrants in the growth of the United States can be viewed in terms of the benefits of several variables. According to the researcher’s findings, illegal immigrants add some measurable benefits to the economy. This comes in the form of paying taxes, purchasing services and goods, and contribution to the labor force (Acme articles). For example, a chief factor of production is labor, which they largely provide. As a result, the minimum wage in the country has reduced significantly.

Thus, most Native Americans continue to overlook such jobs. As Natives abandon such jobs, they search for higher status jobs with more pay resulting in more income and better living conditions for the Natives. Another benefit of low labor costs is translated into low cost of goods and services. For example, take the example of Burger King outlets; they employ cheap labor from illegal immigrants. Thus, a burger costs less. However, if natives are employed, their cost of labor is more, which results in an increase in price per burger.

Although the immigrants benefit the economy by performing tasks at low wages as compared to Native Americans, their impact on a long term basis may be difficult to measure. Natives are losing jobs to the illegal immigrants who are willing to work for long hours in return for poor pay. In addition, due to their illegal presence in the country, they tolerate exploitation from their employers (Blitz and Greene 61-76).

As a result, cases of exploitation, poor pay, and long working hours in workplaces continue to rise. Segal states that the issue of illegal immigrant soared during the 9/11 terrorist attacks as there were findings that some of the terrorists remained in the country after their visas expired (118). However, immigrant advocates argued that destructive terrorists are different from the unemployed youth looking for opportunities.

The government has been introducing immigration laws that penalize employers who hire illegitimate immigrants. It has also been erecting units of border enforcement to limit their entry into the country. Further, in the recent past, the government gives more consideration to relocation on the basis of employment with the support of documents. Finally, in a bid to limit the eligibility of the illegitimate entrants to receive public benefits, The Welfare Reform Law of 1996 was formed.

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Considering the contribution of illegal immigrants to the United States, they are liable to be allowed to receive and gain from social services such as healthcare, food stamps, education, and protection by law. For example, immigrants’ children should receive an education. Without proper education, they are likely to join criminal gangs that engage in robbery, transportation, and sale of drugs among many others.

These are drawbacks for the progression of the economy of the United States. In case there is an outbreak of infectious disease among immigrants, it will clearly indicate that if they are deprived of the right to medical care, even the Natives have high chances of getting the infection. The increase in a number of these immigrants and their contribution to the economy means that they are becoming part of the United States’ society, thus they should have access to social services (Hirschman, Kasinitz, and DeWind 198-202).

In conclusion, the illegal immigrants have a measurable, positive impact on the growth of the United States economy. Therefore, their presence in the country should be encouraged, and they should be given access to social services. The enabling of an Act in 1996 allowing provision of medical care to unlawful immigrants shows that the government has accepted their presence in the country (Acme articles). This paper has examined the position of illegitimate settlers by taking the case of the United States, and by weighing the advantages and disadvantages of their presence in the country. It has shown that they bring more benefits than losses; thus supporting their continual presence in the country.

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