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The Relevant Aspects of the Movie “A Beautiful Mind”


While a great number of films are mostly entertainment in their nature, there are some that cause a storm of emotions and experiences in the audience precisely because of their profound ideas and thoughts. They are remembered for a long time and make people think about something that may never have occurred to them before. Serious and complex topics discussed in such films are often revealed from unexpected sides. One of these movies is A Beautiful Mind – an American biographical drama starring Russell Crowe. It was created in 2001, directed by Ron Howard, and based on the life of John Nash, the famous mathematician who was diagnosed with schizophrenia. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the relevant aspects of this movie, the topic of mind and motivation, and the lessons learned from this masterpiece of cinema.

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Relevant Aspects

Specific aspects of A Beautiful Mind are dealt with and explained symbolically. For example, the movie tries to understand and discuss what happens inside a person’s mind when operating at the highest levels of achievement, mentally ill, or under stress. What is more, by showing how Nash’s wife supported him, the film reminds the audience about the importance of family and friends. Finally, in this movie, Nash writes mathematics on a windowpane, sees hidden numbers and formulas, and looks at the ordinary world through mathematical eyes. This aspect proves that people think differently and see the same things from various perspectives.

Mind and Motivation

This movie proves that people’s minds can play various tricks with them, and even a genius can be on the verge of insanity. It is rather interesting and even ironic that John Nash, diagnosed with schizophrenia, used his unhealthy mind to find a solution and get rid of mental disease. He was a brilliant mathematician who could solve ciphers and see numerical patterns that are not available to others. At the same time, his mind did not allow Nash to distinguish reality from imagination, letting him consider hallucinations as real people and events for a long time. Nash’s brilliance is part of his madness, and vice versa, but one’s mind can be “beautiful” and functional even if it has a diagnosable problem. As for the motivation, the movie’s main character is a perfect example of a person who never gives up and is determined to achieve his goals. He received his awards and world recognition because he desperately wanted to be the best. Both his brilliant mind and eternal motivation helped him overcome challenges and become famous.

Lessons Learned

This movie, as well as the story of John Nash’s life itself, teaches the audience some rather valuable lessons. Diagnosed and forced to deal with severe disease, the mathematician does not give up, and this is the first idea that all people need to learn from this film. No matter how difficult it is to go on, one has to continue living and hoping for the future. Nash did not have many friends; before and after being diagnosed with schizophrenia, he was humiliated by his peers and students. His professors told him to stop looking for a unique idea and just write an article, but he never listened to them. Finally, his strong desire to prove he is worthy of being called a genius came true. In modern reality, this lesson is not less valuable: people need to believe in themselves and seek inspiration and motivation.

Another crucial idea that may be brought into every life looks like a mathematical rule. The thought that helped John Nash continue fighting is that every problem has its solution. Even if it is an enormously challenging and severe issue, it is always possible to eliminate it. Remembering this simple but essential lesson will make one’s life easier because sometimes it is enough just to know that there is a solution, and it will be found by itself.

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