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The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise by Gemeinhart


Future and self-imagination go hand in hand. Whether or not to take a step to the next level is a personal decision that requires a cognitive evaluation. For instance, Coyote’s journey is the book that indicates the outcome of the next step, which is often uncertain in the real world. The book displays several thematic concerns ranging from death to family and other crucial aspects of societal perception. Furthermore, the book focuses on the journey in which characters are seen to be taken closer to unforeseen destinations. Again, the book clearly shows the perception of beliefs, ideology, and cultural artifacts. It further enriches the social understanding of American tribes in different dimensions. Arguably, the book is educative as it suggests the possible outcomes for stipulated tradition and indicates the importance attributed to the same. Particularly, the book dresses the relativity of the native Americans in the manner they appreciate the culture. Arguably, culture is considered a strong identity of society. Its promotion has attributed benefits, most of which cannot be quantified concerning the selected book. Culture forms the most instrumental element of society, which, when conclusively promoted, results in an apt understanding of society in general. Culture is affected by daily activities associated with individuals’ efforts in different situations.

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Coyote Sunrise

Why Do We Go?

The book “Words for Home” indicates the occurrence of war results in displacement, followed by resilience and adjustment that negatively influences individual life. According to Warga, several aspects are associated with the effects of displacement, which result from war, particularly on transformation occurring within the society (35). Additionally, the book expounds on the degree of inequalities associated with displacement actions which are directly seen as impactful for personal development in society. Concerning the remarkable journey of Coyotes, displacement has drastic impacts that end up in tragic deaths.

Why Do People Travel?

The journey’s motivation is well perceived as the desire to engage in a new environment. Similarly, my book supports the willingness of individuals to travel, as indicated by coyotes. Furthermore, humans are prone to travel to satisfy their insatiable traveling desires. More often, they travel to a newer destination that is considered attractive for particular reasons known to society. However, actions within the journey adjust depending on the instincts and perceptions of the individuals. Depending on the nature of the journey, we often perceive our travel motives as desires to satisfy our internal perception of the outside world. This is exploring it in person forms the basis of our travel.

Where Journeys Lead Us

Why Coyote’s journey? Journeys are considered one of the most unpredictable phenomena. While successful journeys end in new destinations, unsuccessful ones often result in death. For instance, the preconception and engagement of the journey highly impact the actions of the individuals, particularly in the manner in which the travel expectations end. Analysis of the book home words’ depicted the diverging perception of the journeys. The agreement between words for home and the remarkable journey of the coyote rest in the causative actions of the journey, in both being displacement. Such indicates the driving outcomes that motivated the journey, as a desire to find a new place and safety avenue.

The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise by Gemeinhart

Journey’s Impact on The Character’s Or Author’s Life

Does journey play any role in an individual’s life, what do you think, ask yourself and answer the question silently? The journey is impactful, particularly when the actor’s mind is shaped by the perceived hardship encountered within the journey. For instance, the journey was mainly characterized by a scenario of escaping for safety, which highly shaped the character’s life on the aspect of escaping to survive. According to Gemeinhart, it is clear that characters are subjected to harsh conditions mostly characterized by uncertain circumstances, which result in individuals suffering (18). Such suffering could be seen to play the role of increasingly motivating the individual to quit. However, the desire to reach the destination is a fundamental element that indicates mutational and dedication to strive forward.

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In conclusion, hardships positively shape the perceptions of the characters regarding life. Furthermore, accidents shape the characters’ ideological concepts of uncertainties and risks associated with escape.

The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise by Gemeinhart

The book uncovers a set of highly informative scenarios which are instrumental in cognitive adjustment. In support of this, the decision to move out upon displacement with the hope of better life develops the basis of understanding and actions, which enhances the capacity of the characters to cognitively take a risk and commence the journey. In particular, the remarkable journey of the Coyote is quite educative as it forms the basis of encouragement towards a personal decision on relevant matters of endurance. This is also manifested across the book, specifically when the characters encounter several uncertainties throughout the journey. Similarly, home words implicate the repercussion of displacement as a function of war and how such actions severely alter the characters’ lives. Eminent hardship and increased suffering contribute toward the attainment of the paper’s objective, which focuses on elucidating the impact and perception of the journey.

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