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The Rise of War on Iraq


The war on Iraq arise from the two major western nations namely America and Britain based on the suspicion that Iraq have nuclear and bioweapons of destruction. This could be a future threat to the security and peace of these two nations and at the same time a global threat of terrorism. When America declared battle against Iraq, other powerful countries like France and Germany refused to support the battle. Starting from the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the stand of America to attack Iraq and gain control of it is highly speculated and debated.

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The Rise of War on Iraq

During the reign of Saddam Hussein, facilities for nurturing the terrorist groups were present in Iraq. These groups were helped by Iraq in fighting their war against the countries like Iran and Turkey. It is believed that at the time of Gulf war, Iraq had plans of militant attacks on America which did not work out. Iraq in 1980 used biological weapons such as sarin and mustard gas in the military battle against Iran.America suspected Saddam’s plan to launch amenities to develop nuclear weapons and bioweapons of mass destruction which geared the US to take measures to curtail such plans of Iraq. The Bush administration declared Iraq as the cradle which nourished terrorism and a global threat. Secretary of the State Colin Powell brought in reports before the United Nations Security Council in early 2003 that Iraq had collaboration with the Al-Qaeda which provided Iraq with scientists working on weapons used in terrorism. Colin also suspected that Iraq had hands in the September 11 attacks on America. But, proof for his statements never came into existence. Then the military battle on Iraq was putforward by America in March 2003 with the mission to end the reign of Saddam in Iraq and to end his plan to develop weapons of terrorism.

The Speculation

President Bush was always of the opinion that the battle waged against Iraq was the one against terrorism. Keeping Iraq under the control of American military would ensure Iraq’s hand on global terrorism. Then many questions arose in the American congress, among the US public and around the world that whether there is a correlation between American invasion on Iraq and the battle on terrorism. Many new speculations on America’s real intention behind the war on Iraq started to emerge. Some believed that America was targeting to take up the oil fields in Iraq while others were of the opinion that this war was creating many more terrorists that puts the Americans in danger of a future terrorist attack. The inspections conducted in Iraq failed to uncover any facilities for development of nuclear, biological or chemical weapons as reported by secret agencies of America which again supported the speculations.


At the initial stage, the US congress and around seventy eight percentage of the American public supported the war against Iran. The continued settlement of American military in Iraq lead to the increasing number of civilian and military deaths and suspicion of America’s real agenda in Iraq lead the congress. Most of the American public believed that American military withdrawal from Iraq is needed. The America’s real intention in Iraq is still not clear and is widely debated internationally.

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