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The Role of Attitudes for Organizational Membership

More and more current companies feel the need for ethical behavior. This way of communication eliminates unnecessary tension and struggle in the team and contributes to accelerating many issues through quality communication contacts. An attitude is an evaluated statement closely intertwined with organizational behavior that conveys specific feelings and influences an employee’s potential in a particular company (Judge and Robbins 36). Mark Murphy and Jeff Bezos are two examples of successful employers who emphasize the significance of attitudes in the hiring process while interpreting its meaning differently.

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All entrepreneurs have a distinct understanding of the perfect employee, and Murphy and Bezos’ speeches provide excellent evidence of this. Mark Murphy offers a unique approach to the recruitment process. The basic concept is that a lack of proper attitude, rather than skills, is the primary factor in unsatisfactory outcomes (Leadership IQ 01:00-01:10). It signifies that the candidate’s attitude and energy determine whether or not he is the proper fit for a specific company or position. Although correspondingly crucial, technical skills have less impact on success; therefore, they are of secondary priority. Organizational commitment, as an element of attitude, is much more critical and affects productivity directly. If it coincides with the company’s values, then the person is suitable for the job and will be able to fulfill the set goals. There are two types of people – those who solve problems and create them, and attitude is the category that allows distinguishing them and making proper decisions (Leadership IQ 04:50-05:40). It is undoubtedly a valuable opinion; however, it is not close to all employers.

Jeff Bezos takes an entirely diverse and more conservative stance on the qualities necessary to work effectively in any organization. He does not focus on attitudes but instead emphasizes the critical role of specific human skills and developing them. Bezos notes such character traits as courage and the ability to experiment (MotivationHub 01:20-01:34). Everyone will face challenges during the long road, but only those who do not stop in front of them will succeed. It is essential not to be afraid to suffer setbacks and failures and constantly try to improve and keep moving towards the goal. Everyone received gifts from fate in the form of certain predispositions and abilities. However, the result always depends on the diligence and hard work (MotivationHub 04:40-05:00). Not the skills themselves, but their advancement and constant practice – that is what matters. A person should believe in the idea, be persistent and flexible, and then the concept will turn into a successful product. However, this focus on skills does not mean that Bezos denies the vital role of attitudes.

It appears that job satisfaction is the primary attitude that Bezos considers essential. The first emphasis of his speech is the value of passion. Remarkably, one has virtually no influence on its choice, passion finds it by itself, and the foremost thing is not to lose it and be cautious. Work, career, and vocation are not identical, and the latter can lead to the most profitable results and pleasure. Bezos emphasizes the significance of burning for your work, being quick and innovative, and performing for the future (MotivationHub 00:00-00:30). If a person does what he has a heart for, then the results will not take long to come. From this reasoning, it is possible to conclude the leading role of satisfaction from the work process, which in turn contributes to increased efficiency and development.

It can be concluded that attitude is necessary for any organization and its behavior. It consists of many components, and the fact that employers focus their attention on diverse ones does not diminish its value. Jeff Bezos and Mark Murphy also correlate the role of skills and attitudes in distinct ways; however, each includes it in their list of requirements for candidates. The perceptions and values of the candidate and the hirer must coincide. It will eliminate potential crises and contribute to the development of organizational culture.

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