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The Study of Communications: Influence

The issue of credibility is crucial when it comes to considering the importance of the information presented by the media. Even though it affects all the aspects of the life of present-day people, not all of the messages are equally detrimental to one’s wellbeing. From this point of view, the most dangerous type of data provided by digital sources and social networks in the first place is health-related facts. The significance of their inclusion in advertising initiatives is conditional upon the fact that individuals follow their emotions instead of adopting a rational approach to processing these messages (Mo, 2019). Consequently, it determines the impossibility of distinguishing between the evidence, which can be useful for their wellbeing, and distorted ideas worsening the citizens’ physical and mental health. Therefore, the study of communications is one of the methods which can potentially solve the problem and develop one’s critical thinking skills.

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This stance can be justified by examining the principles of work of social media and advertising in particular and the abilities which can be used to compensate for the mentioned deliberate distortion of information. Thus, any subjects connected to health are typically depicted through the lens of what is visibly popular, such as specific lifestyles or celebrities (Healthy Families BC, 2013). In this way, the companies willing to increase the sales of their products, which are apparently not advantageous for one’s wellbeing, are calling for potential customers’ emotions (Healthy Families BC, 2013). This practice provides excellent results from the perspective of the stated objective while not implying any actual benefits for people. Hence, it is critical to discern the harm they might bring or confirm the alleged value’s absence. This task can be efficiently addressed on an individual level by studying the communication techniques and thereby emphasizing the need for rationality in making choices related to purchasing advertised goods.

In my case, these courses did not jade me in any way since the acquired knowledge was helpful in assessing intentions attributed to other people or companies impacting my consciousness. On the contrary, they allowed me to become a more discerning audience member because this position means being able to critically evaluate the alternatives in the conditions of the marketing competition. Communication studies showed that validation from others, which is a critical aspect of one’s confidence in making important decisions in life, is an improper focus (Mo, 2019). It can be easily replaced by a more solid basis, which is the orientation on a person’s actual health instead of its representation in social media and the rejection of accompanying superficial ideals (Mo, 2019). In other words, examining the advertisers’ motives regarding seemingly healthy goods helped me become more aware of everyone’s interests in the matter and make well-informed choices in this respect.

In conclusion, the study of communications has significantly influenced my ability to critically assess health-related media content by explaining the mechanism of its action. The developed skills allowed me effectively distinguish between the motivation of advertisers and companies and my personal desires. This outcome contributed to my becoming a discerning audience member in any situation when somebody attempts to instill inappropriate values which do not correlate with my perceptions of well-being in general. Thus, it can be concluded that the acquisition of extensive information on the subject was purely beneficial. Also, the developed abilities are likely to be advantageous in any situation in the future when justification for selecting one or another alternative is needed.


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