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The Success Story of Whatsapp

I would turn to the success story of WhatsApp to hook up with the audience. The popular communication app that was downloaded more than 70 million times in 2019 was created and developed using a limited amount of money (Statista, 2019). New digital solutions require prominent ideas and concepts and people who are capable of executing them. It is always challenging to find a cheap and talented workforce when the company possesses limited resources.

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In this case, Koum and Acton, the company’s founders, needed affordable developers to embody their ideas into reality as they collected only $250,000 from investors back in 2009 (Olson, 2014). The solution was to outsource most work to the group of Russian developers headed by Igor Solomennikov. In their turn, the US-based personnel concentrated on tasks related to administrative responsibilities and customer support. This approach made the possible efficient launch of the WhatsApp project that ultimately managed to compete at that time with such industry giants as Facebook and Google.

As was identified in Strategic Communication Plan, my audience includes software investors, HR management, senior administration representatives (CEO, CMO, and COO), IT specialist, and fellow software developers. From my own experience, I know that their goals are aligned with the company’s ones; thus, they are incredibly interested in solutions that eliminate costs, optimize the working process, and increase profits. I will conduct extensive research to find quantitative outcomes and infographics to present to them at the beginning of the proposal. This story of success will hook stakeholders’ attention and focus their minds on cooperation with vendors. They all like to discuss quantitative outcomes of different businesses in an informal setting. I expect to grab the audience’s attention and then proceed to the benefits of outsourcing, especially in crisis times.


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