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Successful Social Media Advertising: Strategies

All are welcome to a Communication Conference, which will be taking place next week Friday at mid-day, and the audience participation will continue until midnight. The meeting will be virtual; therefore, one can enjoy this informative meeting from the comfort of your home. It will also be free of charge because our main aim is to ensure every person develops excellent communication skills. This conference will be open to all regardless of your profession because what will be discussed is essential to everybody. Our presenters will address specific topics and tracks; therefore, all are invited for a memorable and informative experience.

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Instagram will be the most appropriate for advertising the conference because it will boost its awareness because it has many active users (over 700 million users). This will help people be more aware of the forum, which will help gain the audience’s trust and create credibility (Belanche et al., 2017). Many users follow a specific brand, and when we post engaging and eye-catching content, the users are most likely to participate in the conference. This platform also increases the viewer’s satisfaction, where we can engage with the people by responding to questions they might have about the meeting. This will make the person feel more valued because of receiving honest feedback, which will boost their credibility.

Instagram will also help in tracking how communication awareness is going. It will be able to access the analytics and inform if it is getting good engagement. One can gain insightful information, which will help the next awareness. Instagram enables one to connect with customers across multiple channels, which increases cross-channel engagement. One does not need to follow your content to see your content; they have maybe browsed and discovered your content then decide to follow your page (Belanche et al., 2017). Lastly, Instagram and Facebook are connected; therefore, one does not need to from scratch on Instagram while advertising because scheduling, creation, budgeting, and set-ups of the ads occur on Facebook.

One of the strategies I used for successful social media advertising is using creative elements. It uses mascots, logos, and color schemes, which will be eye-catching and make the advertisement more recognizable. It is essential to use innovative and unique visual elements in the ad for it to be more successful and bring a more comprehensive engagement. This Communication Conference ad had to tell a story, and the images had to align with the content (Belanche et al., 2017). This image had a consistent design to look more familiar to those already engaging with the content. Another strategy that I used is by knowing my target audience. To be successful and more effective in advertising, I had to discover an audience to understand what they like and want and provide content that will capture their attention. These strategies are usually successful in social media advertising because it increases viewers’ satisfaction by receiving quality content, therefore establishing a comprehensive engagement.

Posting the Communication Conference accomplished social media’s purpose by sharing interactive content to give an immediate impression of the awareness conference. We discovered what people liked about the forum and what they expected to be discussed in the forum (Belanche et al., 2017). Also, polling and infographics were essential because they brought an extensive engagement in what was being discussed. Another way was to overlook content by providing good and quality content that helped solve their problems and develop positive emotions. It helped because it made the people who were already engaging with my content to be more loyal and attracted more followers.


Belanche, D., Flavián, C., & Pérez-Rueda, A. (2017). Understanding interactive online advertising: Congruence and product involvement in highly and lowly arousing, skippable video ads. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 37, 75-88.

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