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The Troy Film Inspired by Homer’s Iliad


Great works refer to the collection of all things, the creation of a man by himself. This refers to putting the full and entire faculties and his future expectations to the public this clearly indicates a person’s will or his way of thought. Great work may be based on any topic or sector and presented according to the writers’ will. Most great works bring past events basically sections of history, the presentation may be done with the help of documentation such as book writing, articles, and besides journals. However, with the help of new technology and public demand, most of this literature from the great work is changed or enhanced in films. Films make them popular and easily understandable; they also make the literature less bulk hence ease in storage, this makes it easy for one to hold a huge amount of information. In addition, film assist is the easy distribution of great work, but the films have several limitations when used as a substitute to the literature. To emphasize more on this subject, we shall refer to a few examples of great work and their films.

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What the film includes from the original

In the analyses of the topic, we shall use the work of Homer’s Iliad and epic film and inspired by Troy. Troy and Homer’s Iliad work are good examples when studying the differences, similarities, and plots between a film and an article, a book, or any work of literature this so because the earnestly massive production tackles many sectors; it involves history though to a great extent upsets historians, it also highly used in learning such as in the English classes and in politics to show the results of personal differences in the stability of a state or nation. The politics introduced by Troy and Homer’s work is seen in the grand scale war that comes up between Trojan Prince Paris and the ruler of Spartan Menelaus this happens after Trojan Prince Paris runs off with the wife of Spartan ruler called Helen. The brother of the Spartan ruler Greek King Agamemnon (Brian Cox) encourages and fully supports him in seeking revenge. A Greek warrior Achilles joins in the battle and in his support, he brings his brother Hector who is his Trojan counterpart. Hector brings in so many forces and war between the nations the even the Trojan king prima Peter O’Toole could not restore order and peace even after tying so many occasions with the help of Achilles’ melancholy mother Julie Christine.

The Troy seems to be at its pick as or in its sun-baked location as referred to by Mexico and Malta which are on the Aegean coast, at this point the solution to the problem seems to have been found.

What the film leaves out

The film Troy is basically a story that is not based on fact but is partially based on the ideas of the writer. It contains factual events and characters, but, on the whole, it’s imaginatively written prose. It contains narratives that tell an imaginary story related to the work by Homer’s Iliad. It does not have a purpose outside of entertainment.

Literature on the other hand is a direct thought of the author; it does not include fiction unlike in the film. The documented work seems to be more real than the film though the plot is basically the same; this is because the audiences are given a smaller margin to imagine which is different in the literature.

The Troy film is based on Homer’s Iliad work, though it does not completely represent the original work in Homer’s literature the plot and characters seem to be similar, both works show some links to history, literature, and basic entertainment. the main difference concerning their plot is seen wherein the film Troy entertainment, fiction, and imagination are highly enhanced than in Homer’s Iliad. The aspect of literature in these two great works is mainly used in schools and colleges to bring a clear picture of the relationship between literature and the visual or films.

The characters in Homer’s work seem to be dedicated and focused on achieving their specific goal. For example, both leaders in Spartan and Trojan aim at winning the battles, this seems to be the same case in the Troy film since Achilles asks for help from his brother Hector to ensure he does not risk his victory.

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Though the film Troy is said to have been based on Homer’s Iliad it was not too satisfactory since several aspects were quite different from the original work. In Troy the ending does not clearly show the results of the problems analyzes in the previous parts of the film, it’s not clear what the solution was and how the results were achieved if any. Trojan War was the main result of the disputes in Spartan and Trojan according to the Homes great work, the war also marked the end of the conflicts between the two states, this should that it was very useful hence being clearly noted and elaborated in Homer’s works. Troy did not put emphasis on the Trojan War which was supposed to be the final solution to the problems between the states; this has resulted in several critics of the film.

Troy left out the aspect of God that was introduced in Homer’s Iliad and introduced gods among the states. In Troy we find that the states believed and asked for help from their specific god who they believed was meant to guide and protect them, this was a different idea from Homer’s great work since all the states seemed to believe in a common God. The states clearly thought that those who deserved victory will gain favor from their God.

Troy gives both a modern setting and a traditional setting, at some point, it introduced tools that seem to be of ancient times, while in others it introduces a modern way of living. This is different from Homer’s setting which is only based on a traditional way of life.

What the film changes in terms of plot, character, setting, theme, symbolic element

Troy is based on Homer’s Iliad epic it’s said to be a production of well-trained classical history, archaeology, and also literature, it tries to incorporate the modern art and cultural way of living. Troy that is based on the common conflict between nations tries to use Homer’s ideas in its plot but the difference between the two still remains clear since, in the film Troy some aspects of modernization are highly incorporated, this is different in the case of Homer’s Iliac epic. Some of this modernization in Troy include: the advanced and technological tools and equipment that is introduced in the film, at the beginning of Troy a senior leader receives an argument from a junior untrained person on the if Troy existed; this is an example of democracy lack of superiority complex that are examples of modernization.

Troy’s first chapters are based on the establishment if actually Troy existed and extend further to establish the problems that resulted in Troy. The first chapters are mainly an eye-opener of the future problems that are brought by Troy and the problem it also faces. The film seems to be in contradiction at some points since it involves several ideas which seem to be an afterthought, this problem is repeated severally in the film which makes it deferrer from the excellent work of Homers. In the next chapters, the story unfolds by highlighting the main causes of the problem and the solutions undertaken. The main method chosen in problem-solving is engagement in war; this is not brought out clearly as it is the Homers Iliac since it’s even difficult to tell if the Trojan War really existed. The last chapters seem not to be related to Homer but instead, they are Korfmann’s personal interests.

In conclusion, the film Troy does not completely represent Homer’s Iliad but it’s also clear that most of its setting is based on Homer. Troy seemed to have been set to mainly target entertainment while Homers is basically a history and literature target; it’s therefore okay to appreciate the fiction and the changes incorporated in the film Troy.


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