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The Types of Clothing Style in Modern Society


Details are very important, especially when it concerns the clothing style of the particular person. The human character can be easily explained by observation and analysis of what one wears. Such characteristics as color and shape are important, however, the overall image must be evaluated holistically. Clothing style can tell much about cultural affiliation, socioeconomic status, emotions, and character of the person.

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Different types of clothes can identify the ethnic or professional culture one belongs to. Many peoples have their traditional costumes that express characteristic features of their nationalities. For instance, if one wears a sombrero, it is easy to guess that this person comes most likely from Mexico. In case one wears a saree, then he or she is from India, while a long white shirt disease indicates a citizen of the UAE. The same goes for the professional culture, where a specific uniform is associated with a particular occupation. For example, nurses tend to wear white or green costumes of loose fit, firemen usually have suits and protective accessories of red color, chefs in restaurants have typical white caps, builders obligatory take orange helmets.

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Furthermore, clothing is tightly associated with socioeconomic status and income. Experts and professionals can easily differentiate cheap and expensive fabrics, the quality of apparel, and its fittings. If one is wearing garments that look untidy with uneven seams that are most likely signifying that a person cannot afford to buy quality clothes because of socioeconomic status. Meanwhile, people who wear very expensive clothes can be easily recognized as well. Luxury and elite brands serve as status indicators associated with income levels, preferences, and even lifestyles. In some cases, people are not willing to accentuate their status and prefer simple clothing instead.

The color of garments can also explain much about people who wear them. As a rule, men prefer neutral or dark colors, while women usually like brighter clothes, especially during warm seasons. While black, grey, and white colors are considered neutral, some people prefer those because they do not want to stand out from the crowd. Such colors are also preferred in business and office suits because they do not cause many emotions.

On the contrary, bright colors tend to influence everyone around, including the person itself. People who prefer red clothes are characterized as rather emotional and strong, affecting others with energy, passion, or anger. Those who like yellow are usually cheerful and happy; green color signifies love towards nature, while the shadows of brown identify personal stability and reliability with the hints of conservatism.

Holistic analysis of the image and garments determine the character and temperament of a person. While the color of apparel may vary depending on mood or weather, clothing style remains constant. For instance, if one wears a business suit, watch, glasses, complemented by perfect hairdo and overall neatness, this makes consider that a person is disciplined and responsible. When one prefers a chaotic but stylish combination of clothes, then this person is probably very creative. Meanwhile, untidy image and inattentiveness to details may signify a lack of self-confidence or irresponsibility. The overall image is also complemented by the way people behave and communicate. All those factors indicate personal character and temperament.


People usually choose things that correlate with their preferences, behaviors, world outlook, and lifestyles. Clothing is a powerful tool of self-expression that allows converting the inner feelings into the exterior appearance. Thus, garments can identify socioeconomic status, profession, culture, emotions, and even temperament. A thorough analysis of one’s clothes can say much about the particular person.

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