The Vice Presidential Debate US Elections 2012


The US Vice- Presidential debate took place on 11 October 2012. The debate took place at The Central College in Danville- Kentucky. This was between Joe Biden of the Democratic Party and Ryan Paul of the Republican Party. Martha Raddatz of the ABC News moderated the debate. This debate followed the Presidential debate that took place in Denver.

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This was highly anticipated being a prime town show because the two running mates had never faced off. The moderator did a remarkable job because she balanced the debate well. These two candidates discussed at length various issues relevant to their respective campaigns. These included security, economy, employment, health, social security, and social issues.


In discussing security matters, a lot of attention was given to Libya and Iran. The moderator began by raising the issue of the state of security in Libya where the American consulate was attacked by terrorists leading to the death of US ambassador, Chris Stevens, and three other embassy officials. Biden explained that the Obama administration would find and prosecute the culprits and that they would make public all the information gathered. He attacked the Romney –Ryan security policy as anti-American and extremely devastating.

He labeled their response to the attacks on the embassy in Benghazi as politically motivated. He criticized the government of ignoring earlier intelligence reports. He further claimed that the Ambassador in Benghazi was less protected, and he even proposed a marine detachment to guard the consulate (Harnden 28). Ryan also accused the Obama administration of treating Israel as a lesser friend. This was rejected by Biden who claimed that Ryan exaggerated the nuclear state of Iran and praised the Obama sanctions on Iran calling them crippling.


Ryan began by clearly outlining the Romney- Ryan economy plan. He criticized what he called “waste” of stimulus money. He claimed that the Obama administration encouraged companies to invest in green jobs. The companies were declared bankrupt. He said the economic recovery was sluggish over the last four years. He accused the government of excessive spending and borrowing, leading to a debt crisis.

Biden dismissed this as empty rhetoric. He termed Ryan as one who eats his cake and wants to have it at the same time. This is because Ryan sort stimulus money, yet he was opposed to the scheme.


Ryan hit out at Biden saying the joblessness was above ten percent during the past four years. Biden responded by bringing up the issue of Romney paying fourteen percent in tax. This is less as compared to what is paid by workers earning less than $ 50 000.

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Social Security and Health

Ryan accused the President of shifting his campaign from issues to attack, blame, and defame. He rebuked the Obamacare as “death panels,” explaining that well-structured health care would ensure the wellbeing of an individual. He also complained that Obamacare would eat into the Medicare budget.

Social Issues

There were differences between the leaders over religious values. Biden insisted that life begins at conception, but he could not force his faith on other people. Ryan refused to find the middle ground on his standpoint, claiming that the Romney government would illegalize abortion apart from cases of rape, incest and protecting the mother’s life. Ryan claimed that his faith could not allow him to support abortion.

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