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Tobacco Smoking Problem in Miami-Dade County


The issue of tobacco use has been an important health concern for decades. At present, it is a disturbing problem related to both youth and adults. Together with governmental interventions, communities pay attention to this issue because a tobacco- and smoke-free surrounding is crucial for the health and well-being of the population. Tobacco use is among the largest causes of death that can be prevented. In the United States, more than 480,000 people die because of smoking, with over 41,000 deaths being the result of secondhand smoking (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2017). Tobacco smoking is a global problem. According to the World Health Organization (2018), the global smoking prevalence among men aged 15 and older is 36.1%.

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The highest rates of smokers are recorded in the Western Pacific (48.5%) and in Europe (39%) (World Health Organization, 2018). The lowest rates are typical of Africa (24.2%) and the Americas (22.8%). The statistics among woman is not so frightening. European and American females smoke the most, 19.3%, and 13.3% correspondently. The rest of the world has fewer female smokers, from 2.4% of Africans to 3.4% of Western Pacific citizens, thus making the average 6.8% of women smoking all over the world. Smoking is not only a health problem. Smoking-related diseases cost over $300 billion a year in the United States. These expenses include approximately $170 billion spent on direct medical care and $156 billion waste because of productivity loss (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2017).

In Miami Dade, smoking is a problem for both children and adults. Although health education interventions are applied, advertising and marketing policies attract new smokers. Diverse flavors of cigarettes, widespread beliefs that smoking reduces stress, or is a sign of higher status still influence people. As a result, many people try smoking and cannot stop due to the high additivity of nicotine. Consequently, a complex approach is needed to stimulate smoking cessation for a healthier nation. The current paper presents the analysis of the tobacco smoking problem in Miami Dade County and analyses the opportunities of the community for resolving this complicated issue. Basing on the analysis, a community strategic plan is developed.

Advanced Practice Roles and Management Strategies for Reducing Tobacco Use

Interventions aimed at the reduction of tobacco use among adults are provided both on state and community levels. For example, communities are involved into National Tobacco Control Program initiated by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The organization provides support concerning quitting smoking and keep records of diverse data and statistics about smoking.

An active management position was selected by Miami Dade College. This educational institution is concerned about “health and wellness of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors” (Miami Dade College, n.d., para. 1). The college announced to be a tobacco- and smoke-free location thus providing a safe and healthy environment learning and working. The actions taken by the College include ban on smoking, including e-cigarettes, on campus and outside. The ban should be obeyed by not only students and staff, but also visitors and other people on campus. It is an example of a strategy that contributes to an increase of healthier adult citizens through interventions aimed at young people.

Community and Social Resources for Reducing Tobacco Use among Adults

In Miami Dade, there resources that can have both positive and negative effect for reducing tobacco smoking among adults. Among the negative impacts, there is a tobacco corporation in Miami. Thus, Dosal Tobacco Corporation has its headquarters and the major manufacturing plant in Miami (Company profile, 2013). Oriented on middle-class adult consumer, the company makes products at an affordable price thus making them available to population.

Among the factors that positively influence smoke cessation, there is a tobacco prevention and control program (“Tobacco prevention and control, n.d.). The program is oriented on both young and adult smokers and includes such components as SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco), smoking cessation education, and community presentations.

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Changes in Community-Related Services

During the implementation of tobacco prevention and control program, the following changes were observed within the community. Thus, in Miami Dade, such actions aimed at popularization of smoking as distribution of free samples, sponsorship of athletic or cultural events by tobacco brands, or distribution of smokeless tobacco are prohibited (“Tobacco prevention and control, n.d.). Also, a Consortium for a healthier Miami-Dade was created. Its goal is to “be a major catalyst for healthy living in Miami-Dade through the support and strengthening of sustainable policies, systems and environments” (“Tobacco-free workgroup,” 2016, para. 2). It supports a number of initiatives aimed at smoking cessation. For example, the consortium has a Tobacco-Free Workgroup that establishes and controls SWAT clubs, creates policies and interventions that help to reduce tobacco consumption and exposure to secondhand smoke and organizes activities and presentations aimed at reduction and prevention of tobacco use (“Tobacco-free workgroup,” 2016).

Strategic Plan for Reducing Tobacco Use among Adults

The following steps can be taken to reduce tobacco use among adults.

  • Education intervention: aimed to educate citizens about marketing policies to make them less affected by tobacco advertisements.
  • Increase of health literacy: another education intervention aimed at informing population about smoking-related diseases and their consequences.
  • Attention to young adults: intervention aimed at young adults to contribute to healthier generation. Can be conducted through support of smoking bans in educational institutions following the example of Miami Dade College.
  • Tobacco free workplaces: support of companies that introduce tobacco bans and provide benefits to non-smoking employees.
  • Free medical examinations and lung screening for smokers: this health intervention is likely to show negative changes in health condition and thus stimulate people give up smoking.

The mentioned interventions should be provided in complex and with attraction of community activists. They unite diverse community spheres including healthcare, education, and business sector. This diversity of approaches is expected to provide a broader coverage of community and thus lead to better result.


The issue of tobacco use is a global concern. The problem is not limited to health issues but touches also social and economic spheres. Thus, a program aimed at cessation of smoking is a vital need of any community. The presented community strategic plan has a major goal that is to reduce the number of smokers in the community. Its long-term goals include health improvement and economic development. The plan is going to be implemented in Miami-Dade County during the following year. After its implementation, the assessment of it efficiency will be provided. The statistical data before and after implementation should be measured and compared to assess the progress and make changes in the action plan in case of necessity to continue implementing its interventions until the desired results are achieved.


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