Traffic and Pollution in Los Angeles

Pollution caused by cars and other types of transport is a well-known problem connected with the development of modern technology. In Los Angeles and other cities in the United States, high car fuel consumption causes both environmental and health issues. The most cost-effective solution is to replace all cars in the city with donkeys to reduce air pollution, make people healthier, and turn Los Angeles into the largest producer of organic fertilizers.

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Replacing cars with one donkey per household will help solve the problem of air pollution and improve citizens’ mental condition. First of all, car emissions have a detrimental impact on the environment, which is recognized by experts from different countries (Veremchuk et al. 76). In contrast, donkeys’ waste products do not cause harm to the environment since they are a part of nature. Additionally, donkey manure is among the well-known natural fertilizers, and it has numerous benefits for crops if used in the right doses. One more positive outcome associated with the proposed solution is its impact on people’s mental health.

Air pollution is hypothesized to be a factor impacting mental illness rates, and traffic congestion can be a potential cause of road rage and drivers’ stress. Unlike the use of cars, riding donkeys can positively influence people’s condition by reducing traffic jams. Moreover, due to their friendliness, donkeys are popular therapy animals that help people to cope with stress. People cannot be friends with lifeless machines, but when it comes to donkeys – building strong relationships with your transport animal is possible.

The discussed initiative is also expected to improve the situation with agriculture in the country. Having implemented this new approach to transportation in the city, the government will be able to encourage agricultural and economic growth, thus strengthening the city’s positions in the country. In this regard, the difference between a car and a donkey is that the latter is able to produce products facilitating crop nutrition.

To motivate people to get maximum advantage out of their donkeys’ natural abilities, an incentive system can be implemented. For instance, those owning the most effective producers of donkey manure in the city can be offered an opportunity to upgrade their animals. As a reward, they will be able to install antigravity systems, mechanical wings, anti-theft devices, smart reservoirs with liquid food supplements, or temperature-control saddles. There will be too much donkey manure, and an excess supply of the product will be sold to other states, causing an increased inflow of money.

People opposing the initiative in question often explain their position with reference to the transport options’ working capacity. It is true that some cars outperform donkeys in terms of speed, but this limitation does not make transport animals’ benefits less important. Since donkeys are a bit slower than the best cars, citizens will need more time to get to their workplace, which is a problem.

However, there is a simple and effective solution that will require reorganization in some companies. It involves encouraging the largest employers to change their approach to human resource logistics and make sure that all employees live close to work and can even get to their office on foot.

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To sum it up, the decision to make donkeys the most common type of transport in Los Angeles will solve the problem of air pollution and reduce people’s mental health risks related to traffic jams and stress. The initiative will also open new opportunities for the city’s economic development due to the continuous supply of donkey manure. This product can become the new currency and turn the state into the country’s agriculture leader.

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