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Transformation of America by Europeans

Nowadays, America is one of the most developed continents in the world, and the quality of life there is getting better every year. Spaniards and Portuguese were the first and the major contributors to the creation of American history. They began the transformation of such areas as politics, economics, and culture. The great possibilities of the geographer and navigator Christopher Columbus, who discovered America in 1492, and the interest of other prominent people in Europe allowed America to develop faster. Consequently, the participation of Europeans in the development of America had a significant influence on the modern success of the continent.

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Political development in South and North America differ, and when the North part achieved independence, its political system developed faster and became more successful. The Southern part of the continent was more tied to European countries till the 1820s. The influence of such countries as Spain and Portugal remained huge even after the independence of some Latin countries. For instance, Brazil became independent in 1822, but in 1889 Portugal had its political influence. When many Latin American countries received independence, wars began, and politics played a huge role in them. For instance, the Mexican-American war in 1846-1848 resulted in the division of Mexican territory and the expansion of the United States’ land. Moreover, both sides revised their politics, and many figures were removed from their posts.

Spaniards and Portuguese greatly influenced the development of the economy in America as many specialists, who managed to see the continent’s potential, moved from Europe to raise the economic sphere. Nowadays, America is the largest economic leader in the world, and the USA has played a great role in achieving this position. The path to a high level of the economy was not easy, and only after the Second World War did rapid growth in the economic industry begin. The continent has a high percentage of exports which brings money to America. Nowadays, the economic position has a rising trend, and in the nearest future, this part of the world might not feel negative flows in this sphere.

America consists of many diverse countries of different social levels. Each part of America has its own culture, and people follow traditions that pass through generations. Since the independence of many Latin countries, theatre and circus began to develop, which nowadays have particular cultural importance for these countries. The performances have a specific format that often made fun of the Spaniards, who colonized their lands.

With the Spaniards and Portuguese arrival, the American territory underwent large-scale changes in various spheres of human life like politics, economics, and culture. An extensive historical development allows large companies located in America to stay competitive and be a leading part of the world in export. Moreover, the diversity of cultures and people’s desire to achieve goals make America one of the world’s leading continents.


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