Simon Bolivar and “Ungovernable” America


Simon Bolivar was one of the first and the most persistent fighters for the South America’s independence. He made a great contribution to the independence of such countries as Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. Strange as it may seem but Simon Bolivar, though being such a goal-oriented person, still failed to reach the most important aim of his life which was to establish American Revolution-style federation by uniting the countries of Latin America. After numerous unsuccessful tries to do this he finally abandoned the idea and stated that America was ungovernable. In the history of America there are some facts which prove that this statement is really plausible.

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First of all, it would be fair to mention certain historical facts showing why Simon Bolivar decided that the idea to unite Latin America had no sense which automatically gave this country the name of “ungovernable”. Simon Bolivar was obsessed with the idea of creating the above mentioned federation but in fact, it turned out to be very difficult to put into life the integration of the Latin America. In April 1828 Bolivar summoned a constitutional convention which took place in Ocana. At this convention he laid out the main principles of building such a federation. Unfortunately, this idea of his was not supported which, nevertheless, did not make Bolivar abandon his tries to save the republic. Even the fact that some of his political opponents openly expressed their dissatisfaction with his plans could not make him refuse of them. What made him appease with the idea that he would never succeed in the realization of his dream was the increasing number of uprisings in Ecuador, Venezuela and New Granada. And finally, after the assassination attempt in September 1828 Bolivar understood that America was ungovernable and its people did not even want to use a chance to unite under a common ruler.

One more fact in the history proves why Bolivar stated that America was ungovernable. Among Bolivar’s friends who were also fighting for independence of South America was Jose San Martin. He also turned out to be unable produce the government which would be effective and in June 1821 he together with Bolivar organized a summit meeting in Guayaquil. The meeting was aimed at working out a common solution for South America in order to integrate it. The meeting led to nothing and their ideas were only criticized. This resulted in defeat for both the men and eventually for the Latin America. Seeing that South America started separating from Spain was what once and for all convinced Bolivar that America was ungovernable.

Finally, the events which took place after Bolivar’s death confirmed the plausibility of his words. The rulers of the country were changing one after another and none of them was able to govern it in a proper way. Jose Antonio Paez was the head of Venezuela during eighteen years and even managed to stabilize the economical position of the country but the following serious of civil wars ruined it again. The ruling of the dictator Antonio Guzman Blanco established some stability in the country but his despotism developed into opposition and resulted in another civil war. Ruler after ruler was changing and only in 1947 the country saw democratic government.


All in all, Simon Bolivar who tried to change the life of the country but never succeeded in it turned out to be right when stating at the end of his life that America was ungovernable as certain historical facts show the futility of his and other rulers’ attempts to prove the opposite.

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