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Transport Security Administration Screening Process Using the Lean Six-Sigma

Introduction of TSA Process and History Behind It

Travel Security Administration (TSA) is a US Department of Homeland Security tasked with monitoring security issues for traveling individuals in the US. On November 19, 2001, TSA was formed to respond to September 11 attacks during the tenure of former President George Bush. Through the agency, airport security has been improved for many years (Ferdman, 2020). TSA employs screening personnel in airports, armed air officers on planes, mobile security dogs’ handlers, and experts in explosives. Lean six-sigma is a methodology designed to mitigate problems, eliminate inefficiency, and provide a fair response to clients’ needs (Vincent, 2016). Six sigma combines tools and principles that can be applied to improve an organization’s operations. This paper evaluates how the TSA process can be improved by using the lean six-sigma method.

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The Importance of Improving TSA Screening Process

When TSA screening is done, people around airports and other travel places will be safe from any attacks such as mass shootings, targeted assassination, among other dangers. The process should be improved since globalization has gone to higher levels where offenders of security laws can have advanced concealing weapons when entering airports and bus stations (Ferdman, 2020). Nowadays, people have come up with carrier bags made of materials that can bar the detection of harmful gadgets.

Traditional checkup methods have been challenged to find better-coping methods with the new strategies to ensure that security is prioritized. In 2018, TSA reported in the US reported screening of more than 800 million passengers in the world and crew team. In the process, 4,200 guns were found where almost 90% were loaded (Grynberg, 2019). The report shows there were intended attacks of criminals targeting the population at traveling points. Due to the checks done, there is prevented harm which settles for peace and low cases of terrorism.

Improving TSA processes leads to few cases of tensions in airports, railroads, highways, and other means of transports. Therefore, when logistics are linear and flexible, social, economic, and political interaction is improved. People will be motivated to travel to other countries for business; others will be assured of secure airports when they receive their friends and family members (Skinner, 2005). Furthermore, there are no geopolitical tensions when there is security in traveling places as any country will be comfortable to send their dignitaries anywhere. As a result, diplomatic ties are stable across the world.

Current Situation and Problems in TSA Process

Most people lack time to go through security checks, especially when they are late to their flights. Due to the long processes which may come alongside TSA, there have been reported cases of unruly travelers and security officers. Secondly, some programs, such as Computer Assisted Passenger Pre-screening System (CAPPS II), have been ineffective due to the alleged invasion of bodily privacy for travelers (Ferdman, 2020). The other prevailing issue is the collection of information by airlines, where some individuals have reportedly been resistant to the procedure. The cost of installing TSA processes is high as it requires modern-day cloud software that may be expensive.

Implementing Lean Six Sigma in Biometric Technology

Airports worldwide have been applying the lean six-sigma approach to have a solution to the most common problems experienced at traveling points. For instance, digital signs are applied to inform passengers what they expect through security processes. Due to that, time-wasting has been eliminated by 40% upwards (Farrell, 2016). The use of digital biometric technique has enabled installing indicators that show how many passengers have passed through the checks before they board the plane.

Biometrics authentication can be useful to check the traveler’s fingerprints that serve as both a boarding pass and a document for identification. To implement it, airports and rail booking centers should assess the feasibility of the technology in obtaining fingerprint matches to secure flights (Zompa, 2020). Countries should innovate intelligence capabilities that allow analysis and secure travel environment and passenger’s property. Security agencies should evaluate the privacy demands of biometric sensing technology to ensure no actions lead to potential cancerous situations.

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Countries can implement biometrics vision by partnering with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on the technology for international travelers. In that way, innovative actions will help detect and prevent a terrorist from entering unwanted places. The fingerprint sensor can identify the person with any possible means to harm others (Ferdman, 2020). The other step in implementing biometrics technology is by having application programs that are capable of collecting fingerprints from people for conducting criminal history checks for the enrollment and security evaluation procedures (Pekoske, 2018). Through the collaborative base, competent personnel are hired in traveling zones to perform the security operations.


TSA is a process used to check security issues in traveling points such as rail booking offices, airports, and others. The purpose of TSA is to offer a safe environment for travelers by ensuring no threats to attacks by terrorists and other criminals. It is important to implement lean six sigma in TSA processes so that airports can have modern security assessment ways in detecting weapons. An example of biometric technology is fingerprint sensors that take travelers’ details where it is easy to follow them in case of any issue. To implement the biometrics technology, TSA agencies should partner with modern companies that offer the services such as CBP.


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