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Understanding of Marketing Strategies


One realizes that the last dramatic changes in a society conditioned the increase of the significance of business and triggered the reconsideration of the traditional approaches used to attain success and guarantee prosperity. The scale of the change process is so significant that it results in the introduction of new concerns related to the sphere of management, marketing, and planning. The new technologies provide a wide range of opportunities and emphasize the necessity of an efficient strategy that will have a beneficial impact on the development of a certain project. In these regards, the improvement of comprehending the basic aspects of planning and marketing strategies becomes crucial.

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Marketing strategies and plan

Nevertheless, the importance of the above-mentioned issues is also evidenced by the fact that the majority of the modern beneficial companies have a certain strategic plan that describes the most important stages of their functioning and helps to obtain a certain competitive advantage promoting their growth. Besides, I am sure that the precise investigation of the planning process will condition the improvement of the competence needed to become an efficient top manager. Furthermore, the choice of the given course was conditioned by the understanding of the role strategic planning plays in the modern business world. However, it is obvious that I also had some wrong ideas, but the course promoted the acquisition of the knowledge needed to create a clear picture.

Previous vision

First, being sure of the importance of a certain strategic plan, I did not realize the complexity of its creation and the necessity to consider numerous factors that might impact a certain company and promote either its development or collapse. I had a vague idea about the planning process and the aspects which comprise the efficient and professional plan. Additionally, the direct correlation between the companys goals and the methods or approaches which should be used was not so obvious. Yet, the courses promoted a better understanding of the crucial aspects and increased the level of my competence.

New perspective

Analyzing the course, there are also several aspects that were rather challenging and demanded a great effort to understand their peculiarities and overcome difficulties. First, the analysis of the customer value introduced several difficulties. Being one of the major concerns of business, it determines the further perspectives of a company. However, the determination of the customer value and its precise analysis could be considered a difficult task in terms of the creation of an efficient strategic plan. Furthermore, the Marketing Mix channels also introduced some difficulties to me as the consideration of their main elements demanded certain competence and knowledge. Yet, the course managed to promote a better understanding of the issues and helped to acquire some crucial information needed to create an efficient strategic plan that will help any company or project to evolve.


Altogether, the given course could be described as efficient as it helps to reconsider some approaches to the sphere of management and promote the formation of a clear image of strategic planning. Resting on my own experience, it is also possible to conclude that a number of false ideas related to the peculiarities of modern management were replaced with new and efficient conceptions which are needed to become efficient management. Additionally, I am sure that the course also contributed to the improvement of my personal and professional skills. Finally, this information could be while building a career and trying to attain success as a top manager.

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