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Universal Qualities of Freedom

Freedom is the power to act, think, or speak as one wants. One universal quality of liberty is the ability to change without any constraint. Freedom allows people to make different decisions in their lives without facing any consequences. The short stories “The Bet,” “The Feather Pillow,” “Story of an Hour” and “House Taken Over” by Anton Chekhov, Horacio Quiroga, Kate Chopin, and Julio Cortazar respectively present the typical freedom quality of allowing people to make their life decisions. Therefore, the universal freedom quality of allowing persons to make different decisions without constraint fear develops a great sense of freedom and liberation since people become fearless of their life choices.

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Notably, the first quality of freedom is that individuals are unrestricted to mind change without fearing a penalty. In “The Bet,” the freedom quality of unrestricted change is evident through the Lawyer’s acts. The Lawyer mentions that “I shall go out from here five minutes before the time fixed ” (Chekhov 5). Here, the Lawyer decides to terminate the agreement with the Banker. The Lawyer understands that it is only money that he can miss. Equally, the Lawyer comprehends that escaping will create more freedom. By the Lawyer climbing up the window into the garden, it shows freedom. Also, Jordan’s change of mind over love issues indicates unrestricted to change freedom quality. In “The Feather Pillow,” Jordan tells Alicia that “my love for you escaped the day that I wedded you” (Quiroga 3). Jordan is free to love a woman of his choice. Jordan is not restrained from being loyal to Alicia alone. Arguably, freedom gives Jordan space to do what is right for his inner-self. Jordan acts according to his consciousness regarding love issues. Connectedly, both Jordan and the Lawyer, exhibit freedom, whereby they change the character’s minds.

Additionally, liberation is a critical freedom quality, whereby persons feel comfortable. “The Story of an Hour” relates to the liberation freedom quality because it shows characters who rejoice despite losing their family members. In “The Story of an Hour,” Louise mentions that “men and women oppress one another ” (Chopin 6). The author depicts how Louise is happy about his husband’s death. Mallard liberates on the news that her husband is dead. Louise’s liberation means that Brently had been an obstacle to her. Similarly, Irene and his brother escape from their home when unknown spirits invade in “House Taken Over,” indicating the liberation quality of freedom. Irene suggests to his brother that “let us leave this house for good ” (Cortázar 11). The decision to evacuate their house indicates that the two characters are seeking freedom. People liberate when they find freedom, compensating for the lost time. There is limited freedom in the home, making Irene and her brother escape. The siblings want a place that they call a home away from home. Thus, both “The Story of an Hour” and “House Taken over” short stories explicate liberation.

In a nutshell, it is paramount noting that the universal quality of freedom is to change without fear and reverse decisions without constraints, thus, enhancing liberation. The four short stories illustrate the discretion and independence of characters. Both characters discussed above employ the aspect of freedom. Above all, human beings need freedom since it gives individuals a critical opportunity to act and, subsequently, pursue happiness; hence, society should fully embrace liberty.

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