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Hotel Guest Retention Analysis

Subject: Apology

Thank you for contacting us about the problem which has been caused because of our carelessness at once. We are sorry about the situation which has appeared with your dress. It must have been depressing to find a spoiled dress right before the Gala. We understand that you were sure that the dress is waiting for you. To say that you were disappointed is to say nothing.

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Please, accept our sincere apology for the problem we have caused you by the dress spoil and by taking your time on looking for another dress. We ask you to come to us and we will immediately offer you another dress which will fit the situation. You are free to choose any dress you like and which will meet the requirements for the occasion. Naturally, we are going to pay for the dress you are going to choose from.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Vanderbilt, we are going to restore your confidence in our services. Let us allow you to stay at the hotel for the time you need at our expense. Moreover, we would like to offer you a free breakfast for the day after a meeting devoted to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Please, contact us if you are dissatisfied with the services or still have some problems with the dress or other facilities. Thank you for choosing our hotel. We hope that the problem with your dress will be solved soon and your presence here will not be spoiled by other unpleasant circumstances.


Subject: Appreciation

Thank you for choosing our hotel again. We appreciate the clients who return to us more and more showing their satisfaction with the services we provide. We are also pleased that this month you have decided to celebrate your mother’s birthday with us.

We would like to offer you two rooms facing one another on that upper floor. Therefore, we have some specific ideas for celebrating your mother’s birthday. We want to offer you to set the table for dinner on the roof of our hotel which is designed specifically for such occasions. The theatre tickets are ordered on Sunday night. Please, contact us as soon as possible if it is not convenient for you, we will kindly change the tickets for the date and time you want. The holiday dinner is going to be served on the time after the play.

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Dear Mr. Reggie, we send you the draft of the menu for the birthday dinner, please check is and advise us about your specific preference and wishes, if any. It is possible to plan your mother’s leisure while you attend meetings for the National Order of Diamond Cutters.

Please contact us if you have some specific offers or if you are dissatisfied with the offer we have made. Your feedback is really important to us. Thank you for choosing our services for such an outstanding event.

Plaza Hotel.

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