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  1. Veterans’ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: How a Game Can Help?
    This research paper will analyze how veterans suffering from PTSD stand to benefit from the game Human versus Zombies by using the skills they learned in war.
  2. Policy Action for Veterans’ Health Care
    When it comes to providing high-quality and affordable care for the US veterans, it is crucial to consider all aspects of this multi-faceted issue.
  3. Health Advocate: Veterans’ Health Problems
    The number of veterans in the United States is on the rise. These veterans and their families face a wide range of health problems.
  4. Veterans Administration Department: Organization Problems
    Today, not many organizations are ready to cooperate with veterans and offer them appropriate working and living conditions.
  5. Psychotherapeutic Intervention: Veterans with PTSD
    This group manual is written for a brief psychotherapeutic intervention developed for combat veterans with PTSD. The paper includes a description of the intervention, its major phases.
  6. Psychotherapy Group of Combat Veterans in Transition
    The group members are combat veterans with PTSD, and their behavior can be mind-boggling due to the group’s views on mental health and health issues.
  7. War Veterans’ Mental Health as Social Issue
    This work discusses the current issue on the War Veterans returning home and not receiving proper mental health care due to a lack of professionals serving the Armed Forces.
  8. American Veteran Homelessness & Advocacy Practice
    A study by Lusk, Staudt, and Moya (2012), shows that subjecting these veterans to constant gun violence causes emotional stress to them
  9. Veteran Student Performance and Activities
    This paper introduces an evaluation design plan to be applied to the Armed Services Arts Partnership program and the analysis of the effects of its co-curricular activities on student veterans.
  10. Military Veterans’ Mental Health Needs
    The topic of the study concerns the mental health needs of veterans who suffer different types of disorders as the result of their military service.
  11. Student Veterans and Academic Benefits
    The present paper will review the problems faced by student veterans and describe the historical background of the Post-9/11 GI Bill that serves to solve some of these problems.
  12. Veteran Student Performance: Co-Curricular Activities
    In this memo, the main goal is to choose a non-profit program that can be applied to veteran student performance and propose a program evaluation regarding an appropriate program theory.
  13. Western Oahu Veterans Center: Budgeting Project
    Western Oahu Veterans Center is a local branch of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, a government agency that aims to provide various types of aid to veterans of U.S. military service.
  14. Exploring and Storming Phase for Veterans with PTSD
    The paper addresses the peculiarities of the storming stage as applied to the therapeutic group designed for male combat veterans with PTSD.
  15. The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
    This research paper explores the work of the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, its regulations, and the system of benefits American veterans could use.
  16. Co-Curricular Activities in Veteran Student Performance
    This paper discusses the effects of co-curriculum activities on the achievements of student veterans within the Armed Services Arts Partnership Program (ASAP) program.
  17. Veteran Fitness Center: Business Plan
    This paper outlines a business proposal for a fitness center in Sharjah for military veterans who do not have health coverage for physical fitness.
  18. Suicide Among Veterans Issue
    The increase in suicide rates among veterans frightens and reveals the magnitude of mental challenges experienced by the group.
  19. Challenges in Veteran Mental Health Care
    The population of veterans in the US experiences a variety of difficulties upon returning to non-military life.
  20. Veterans Court Designing: Three Crucial Stages
    The work discusses the types of treatment you to mandate, addressing problems with compliance, and other support you needed when designing Veterans court.

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  1. Student Veterans and Academic Benefits
    The project reviews the main issues faced by U.S. veterans and shows how the Post-9/11 GI Bill aims to address them by offering financial assistance to student veterans.
  2. United States Military Veteran Suicides and Causes
    Researchers have not agreed on the exact causes of suicide cases in the US military. Initially, it was assumed that deployment was a risk factor for this behavior.
  3. Veteran Legal Institute’s History and Challenges
    The biggest accomplishment of the Veteran Legal Institute is the creation of a systematic, organized, and self-sustaining network for providing services to veterans.
  4. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Military Veterans
    Both in the military and civilian life, people encounter traumatic occurrences that challenge their perception of the world or themselves.
  5. Latino Veterans’ Transition to Civilian Life in the US
    It is proposed to investigate the dual transitioning of first-generation Latino migrants who are also former US military members.
  6. Student Veterans’ Experience: Photovoice Methodology
    Nikhil Tomar’s article discusses an analysis of the lived experience of student veterans that uses photovoice methodology.
  7. Veteran Treatment and Florida’s State Strategies
    The accessibility of health management services has been an issue for numerous vulnerable groups in Miami, FL.
  8. Veteran Health Administration Policy Analysis
    This policy analysis will attempt to identify alternatives to the existing veterans’ healthcare policy and evaluate them in terms of making healthcare more accessible.
  9. The Effect of Extra-Curricular Activities on the Academic Performance of Veteran Students
    The current research utilizes a qualitative study to test if the participation in extra-curricular activities has a positive effect on the academic performance of veteran students.
  10. Opioid Crisis Effects on US Veterans
    The current research aims at seeking answers to several research questions, concerning the opioids crisis and its effect on veterans, to overcome problems.
  11. Senator Rubio on Veteran Urgent Access to Mental Healthcare Act
    The paper presents a mock interview with Marco Rubio, the U.S. Senator for the state of Florida. The interview refers to the Veteran Urgent Access to Mental Healthcare Act.
  12. Veterans’ Civilian Employment Experiences
    This paper offers a critique of the article based on the criteria established by O’Brien, Harris, Beckman, Reed, and Cook.
  13. Transition Experiences of First-Generation Latino Veterans
    This research project will investigate the lived experiences of first-generation Latino veterans who decided to stay in the US after military service.
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