Veterans Court Designing: Three Crucial Stages

Understanding What Veterans Face

It is no secret that the battlefield changes a person forever. Many veterans suffer from the traumatic things they have experienced during their military careers. These lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and suicidal tendencies. Experts say that about one-fifth of all veterans suffer from these mental problems (CBS News, 2012). Substance abuse is another serious issue that often occurs in veterans (CBS News, 2012). What is most dangerous for the veterans themselves and the people around them is that they can become criminals. Veterans courts help these people reintegrate into society through treatment and support.

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How a Veterans Court Should Be Structured

Efficient veterans courts help retired soldiers involved in the justice system and seeking redemption get the necessary treatment. A proper veterans court should consist of “the judge, state attorney, public defender, case manager, treatment provider, probation, and law enforcement” (Veterans courts, n.d., para. 2). Moreover, it should include representatives from Veterans Health Administration, Veteran Support Organizations, Veterans Service Organizations, and similar institutions. Veterans courts should also cooperate and collaborate with drug treatment facilities and mental health centers.

Treatment Programs and Veterans’ Compliance

In the treatment of veterans, medical practitioners often face decreased compliance. One way to improve it is to identify and treat anxiety disorders and related conditions (Stringham et al., 2018). Another efficient measure is court-ordered group therapies for addiction and PTSD (CBS News, 2012). When designing treatment and rehabilitation programs for veterans at high risk of suicide, specialists must consider factors such as mental health, other medical diagnoses, and available resources (Bongar et al., 2017). It is necessary to note that the treatment should be of collaborative nature.


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