Visual Learners’ Capabilities and Strategies

Having an understanding of the style of learning that an individual has is crucial for achieving adequate results. Some individuals benefit from having information conveyed through audio, while others remember better when they can visualize objects. Having sufficient knowledge of these different approaches can help create educational programs and personal learning models that will be efficient. This paper aims to examine visual learners and their strategies for studies.

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As the name of this category implies visual learners perceive information most effectively when they see it and out able to use their imagination in the process of remembering. Flynn, Mathis, Jackson, and Valentine (2015) argue that people learn in different ways, and several factors contribute to the final result, therefore, to help such individuals, one should ensure that the material does not merely consist of text. These learners can benefit from visuals, such as pictures, graphs, tables, or any other form of depicted information. Also, such people like to draw and use resources that help them portray data or new facts. Roell (2019) argues that these people “need to see information to learn it” (para. 2). The author states that these individuals benefit from working in solitude that allows better concentration for employing imagination. Colour is another important component that helps enhance the abilities of visual learners.

Overall, in order to leverage the abilities of visual learners, one must incorporate images and encourage the visualization of objects. Therefore, it is crucial for these learners to use supplementary materials such as tables, graphs, or others. In addition, to enhance the memorizing process color can be used. These techniques help incorporate the natural capabilities of visual learners that imply usage of visuals.

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