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Vulnerable Population: Safety Concerns

The vulnerable population refers to the disadvantaged subsegments in society that need specific healthcare consideration. In the healthcare industry, safety concerns for vulnerable people result in better healthcare services. Technology implementation works together with the safety concerns for a sustainable healthcare environment. Therefore, the essay will focus on the six-safety concerns put in place for vulnerable individuals to facilitate good health by improving healthcare amenities, effective budget allocation, use of technology, and designing unique healthcare facilities.

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The first safety concern is improving healthcare amenities for good health like screening machines. Healthy living among pregnant mothers is promoted by adopting a series of tests such as screening patients and providing proactive services to mothers. Secondly, utilization of global budgeting for the vulnerable people in the community will help in improving the safety of pregnant mothers. The global budgeting system can allow the national government to provide services to the vulnerable population at an affordable price (Seo et al., 2020). Thirdly, hospitals can utilize technology by providing virtual healthcare services to patients. Doctors can diagnose and examine patients using technology hence improving the safety of vulnerable populations like prisoners and pregnant mothers.

The fourth safety concern is by designing unique facilities that are meant to serve the vulnerable population. Pregnant mothers have special clinics providing specific services based on their conditions. Another safety measure for vulnerable people is matching the needs of hospitalization with the community (Seo et al., 2020). Technological facilities allow hospitals to meet the needs of vulnerable people. Lastly, there is a need to support the community in the access of healthcare facilities. Most of the vulnerable population cannot access hospitals due to poor transport. It is good to establish clinics in remote areas to facilitate easy access to healthcare services.

Conclusively, safety concerns help to improve healthcare services for vulnerable people. Technology plays a vital role in ensuring that the disadvantaged group gets the best healthcare services regardless of the risks surrounding them. Healthcare facilities are responsible for facilitating healthcare services to children, pregnant mothers, prisoners, and people living with HIV and AIDs, which are safe.


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