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We Are Hiring: A Financial Advisor Job Description


Many organizations and business enterprises are driven by the focus on profits arising from sales of goods and services. Our company has been experiencing rapid growth and advancements for the last few years. The management structure has undergone frequent changes as new tasks and obligations arise from expanded business activities. Duties and responsibilities are assigned to specific employees, who are expected to deliver the set objectives. The success of workers in different positions is enhanced by the competency and skills that employees possess. According to Mckay (2021), a financial advisor helps a client oversee and accomplish financial goals and objectives. The finance department has reported increasing revenue since last year, creating the need to hire an adviser on how to use the profits. This essay describes the tasks to be handled by the financial advisor who will be responsible for tracking profits and suggesting ways to re-invest.

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Why Do We Need Advice?

An increase in profits means that the company is growing, and we need to explore our vision and future initiatives. Due to the lack of professional advisors, our organization has been poorly investing profits, while much of the money is kept safe for business funding. As a production company, we have been selling more goods, with records showing 18 consecutive months of increase in sales volume. The board of directors appointed a production manager two years ago, who has been credited for increasing outputs while minimizing inputs and raw materials. The directors have also realized that our finance department does not have the required competency, with regards to the incoming profits. As a human resource manager, I have been appointed to recruit and hire a finance expert who will collaborate with managerial staff in identifying unrealized business opportunities, and tracking profits and losses, among other services such as calculating return on investments and fraud checking.

Job Description

Conducting Market Research

The person occupying the Financial Advisor’s office will be responsible for exploring the market to identify the roots of business financial challenges, opportunities to multiply profits, and investment angles. The research will not be limited, but the rationale should be revenue-based. The advisor’s operations will be funded by the company and records kept. Since research requires teamwork and authorization, the finance department will foresee legal hindrances that could negatively impact market research progress.

Recommending Investment Strategies

Business enterprises rely on the generated profits for funding processes and expansion activities. Before investing, the responsible stakeholders analyze and assess the investment methods available to them. The effectiveness and the impacts caused by financial techniques used have not shown the full potential of our organization’s capacity. We need an efficient persona in time, accuracy, and flexibility when exploring market opportunities. When proposing a new technique, we expect satisfactory evidence about its profitability and execution.

Monitoring Financial Repositories

Finance calculations remain the responsibility of the finance department employees, but records should be open to every managerial staff in our organization. It is the responsibility of the Financial Advisor to review and comment on regards to the transparency of transactions. Activities such as fraud checking and questioning of payments are the responsibility of the advisor and not the finance department professionals. Balances in bank accounts and other financial deposits should be well communicated between the advisor and treasurers of the wealth being generated from the company’s activities.

Assessing Business Opportunities

The stakeholders of the company agree to assess all ideas and business opportunities with a profit-making perspective since growth and expansion are some of the underlying factors building our vision. The revenue advisor will, from now on, henceforth partake in all the suggestions and financial recommendations from other departments. The final approval to pursue a business objective will be signed by the advisor, as a symbol of confirmation that the idea is viable and creditworthy. After every three months, the advisor will be required to submit a quarterly analysis to communicate the status of business resources.

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Assessing Legal Compliance

Business enterprises should be able to provide evidence to explain how they operate. The financial advisor will ensure that revenue earned from various business activities are genuine and the company complies with legal regulations. Taxes must be paid on every transaction to avoid charges and penalties that could lead to legal prosecutions. Monthly reports with detailed tax-compliance information will be presented to the advisor for assessment and clarification.

Educating Finance Newbies

It is the responsibility of the financial advisor to enlighten employees about any changes that may revolve around the finance industry. Tax changes are the most common adjustments made in the business world and should be incorporated into systems upon confirmation. Emerging trends such as market crashes and inflation are very sensitive in business, therefore creating the need for real-time response and adjustments (Mckay, 2021). Since the advisor is expected to be experienced and competent, junior finance employees will report directly to him, for coaching, mentoring, and professional guidance.

Compensation and Benefits

Upon confirmation, the new Financial Advisor will be entitled to additional benefits and allowances to motivate and encourage quality work. Mckay (2021) indicates that rewards occur in different intervals, such as weekly, monthly, or yearly. Senior employees are assumed to enjoy compensation benefits more than the salary since benefits are indirect pay slips, whose amount could exist as salary. Employers provide different packages based on assigned duties and responsibilities. Other determining factors include profitability and the size of the enterprise. The following is a package of added advantages to be enjoyed by the incoming advisor.

Monthly Salary

The Financial Advisor will receive a monthly payment of $1200 which will be subject to tax, health insurance, food provided, and retirement savings deductions. The payment contract will be issued and signed by the Human Resource Manager, whose department is in charge of payroll preparations. There will be no cash payments and applying candidates should register with Absa bank to create a deposit account. The official payment date is the 5th of every consecutive month, however, if the day falls on weekends or holidays, the money will be released on the next workday.

Overtime Rewards

The official working hours will be from 8:00 to 16:30 on all workdays. If the employee overworks for more than one hour, the hourly rate of $7 will apply. Overtime payments will be paid in cash on the 15th of every month. If an employee overworks due to personal inconveniences, there will be no reward. If the official work period is exceeded by less than one hour, there will be no payment, although the time overworked will be recorded to be added up with another overwork period for hourly conversion. The added-time compensation will appear at the end month’s salary together with other monthly rewards.

Loyalty Benefits

Since the advisor will help the company to make more profits while minimizing expenditures, loyalty points will be rewarded. The commitment to finding revenue-generating opportunities and ensuring transparency in financial transactions is an act of honesty that should be appreciated. The advisor will receive loyalty points randomly throughout the employment life, which are redeemable to gift cards and shopping vouchers. The employee has no right to claim loyal points because the performance and activeness of employees determine them.

Free Transport

The advisor will be given free transport services by the company to aid in activities such as market research. In cases of driving competence, the transport department will offer a personal car which will be tracked and movements recorded to ensure the vehicle is used for business purposes only. If the company transport facilities are inaccessible at times of need, the advisor is authorized to access commercial transport at the expense of the company.

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Remarks and Comments

As the hiring manager, I expect to find and hire a Financial Advisor by next month. Applications are open till the 30th of this month to allow interviews to start on the 5th. I advise candidates to submit their resumes and attach detailed CVs early, to increase shortlisting chances. Applicants will be updated through email, while shortlisted candidates will receive a phone call to invite them for interviews. It is my sincere hope that I will receive competent applicants for quality selection. I would like to assure the public that the position will be filled by one of the applicants, therefore, candidates should keep tabs on their email inbox and messages logs.


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