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Web Health Service Concept

Idea 1

The main concept of the web Health Service is the ability to consult people on the matters of health care remotely, using the capabilities and opportunities of World Wide Web.

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The main aim of such services will be to give recommendations, preserve the privacy of the visitors, consult on the matters of nutrition, physical exercises, biological rhythms, etc. People will have to register, create their own accounts, and provide all the necessary data about themselves (such as gender, age, possible health problems or aims, type of physical load, nutrition), pay some regular fee, which will be used for the improvement of the web page and the provided services.

The main concern of this project will be to get the license, in order to have the right to provide the consultation services of various origins. Taking into consideration the necessity to examine patients physically, for providing particular recommendations, it should be emphasized that the activity will be essentially restricted.

After registration, and paying the fee, visitors will be able to gain the necessary information, which is required for him or her. This may be the graphs of biological rhythms, recommendations on nutrition or specific diet, daily regime, treatment of some deceases, consumption of remedies.

The audience, which will be targeted is rather wide. These may be the adolescents, who are keen on sports, and wish to gain some recommendations on their diet (to lose weight, to pump muscles, work on relief on muscles, etc); adults, who wish to correct their diet, gain some recommendations on the matters of vitamins, their health condition in general, or get the live consultation on the matters of pregnancy.

  • Provider – private clinic.
  • Key touch points – recommendations on the matters of health.

The benefits of these services are obvious: people will be able to get the necessary information without leaving their place of living, and preserve their confidentiality.

Idea 2

The next idea will be associated with coaching on the matters of sport achievements. The service will be based on the principles of private consultations of sportsmen and those, who wish to achieve some success in their training. Originally, the service will be popular among adolescents who are not satisfied with their untrained body and who are going to lose weight or gain relief on their muscles.

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Taking into consideration the necessity of the complex approach, the services will include the examination of a physiologist, dietitian and, probably, psychologist. Some clients will be able to address with a smoking problem, thus, the specialists of the coaching center will examine their smoking habits, arrange all the necessary tests and then provide the client with the psychological recommendations, nutritional tips and program, including the complexes of physical exercises.

The users of the services will be males and females who wish to improve their physical condition by exercises and healthy nutrition. The provider of the services is the coaching center, where specialist on physical training, nutrition and psychology will be examining patients.

The key touch points are associated with physical condition of the patients, in the context of nutrition, harmful habits and training.

The benefits of the service is the propaganda of healthy way of life, and assisting people in achieving the perfect physical form.

Over time, the coaching office will employ more specialists in order to serve more visitors.

Idea 3

Another idea is associated neither with medical examination nor with treatment. The main concept of the idea is the creation of private dispatch system for ambulance services. Originally, the dispatching system, which is created on the basis of ambulance service is often heavily overloaded, and, there is strong necessity in creating the system, which will offer quicker proceeding of the incoming calls and quicker search of the nearest ambulance cars.

Originally, the main principle of the activity will be based on usage of computerized call proceeding system and quicker GPS navigation of the ambulance cars. The updating of the database will be performed automatically, consequently, dispatchers will have time to receive more calls, than it is possible in the standard dispatching services.

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Surely, the calls will be free of charge, and ambulance services will not pay for the services of the dispatching service, consequently, in order to gain profit, the project will have to win the grant. Everyone, who will be engaged in the project activity will have to do their best in order to participate successfully in the fund raising activity.

The key touch points of the service will be associated with the matters of quicker response for the calls, and selection of the ways, free of jams, and thee ways, where the traffic light regulation is minimal, in order to decrease the time, which will be spent for the way to patient and back to hospital.

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