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What Influences Overall Development

Multiple factors contribute to one’s development and influence them throughout the whole life. The scientists primarily established that genetics and environmental impact play an essential role in personality building (Whitehouse 46). However, psychologists, neurologists, and other educators have been arguing that both nature and nurture parts equally affect the individual’s development (Lock and Palsson 19). Therefore, it is necessary to identify which aspect is more vital for a human being’s growth.

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From the earliest stages of life, a person is exposed to interaction with parents, peers, cultural peculiarities, educational standards, and other social influences. Therefore, these factors help to perceive the world, shape the worldview and interests. For instance, if a child lives in unpleasant noisy surroundings with aggressive siblings or parents, their personality is likely to be affected. Or else, if a parent takes an active interest in participating in their kid’s life, they are likely to be friendly, affectionate, and curious.

On the other hand, inherited genes dominate people’s development as well. They define personal traits such as height, eye color, skin type, and such nonphysical features as shyness, intelligence, or stubbornness (Lidz and Gagliardi 345). They may also determine human predispositions to illnesses, sexual orientation, or religiosity. Moreover, when there is a genetic anomaly, a person can inherit a mental or physical disorder that will influence them during their lifetime.

In conclusion, it seems reasonable to mention that genes have more dominance over environmental factors because they are fundamental to a person’s development. Genetics contributes more to personal development because genes determine paramount physical and mental traits in one’s character and cannot be altered throughout the lifetime. Undoubtedly, social factory interaction and heredity entirely shape one’s personality, but genetics is prevalent over environmental surroundings.

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