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Why Government Is Need Drug Control Policy

A drug can fit in various descriptions depending on the function intended in the body, mode of delivery, and the form taken. Generally, when drugs are taken they modify the normal biological homeostasis of the body anatomy. For a drug to be considered so, it has to be introduced from without and not endogenously manufactured. Many substances that contain ethanol like alcohol and wines are in the transition zone because they are natural but at the same time influence the body when ingested. Drugs are categorized into: those that impair our normal thinking called depressants like alcohol and hard drugs e.g. Heroin and ketamine. There are those that perform the exact opposite of depressants and they arouse the brain making an individual more active than usual for instance tobacco and cocaine. The third category is the worse that makes one be psychic increasing someone’s interaction of the environment by increasing the sense perception for instance marijuana and ecstasy. The other types of drugs are those that are medically acceptable and are chemicals or herbal (Matheo, 1997).

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There should be the empowerment of beacons of social equality like governments. This will enable to crash of international drug cartels without impunity because their authority surpasses the cartels. The governments should be sanctioned politically, financially which in turn will influence the drug policy formulation that will work and stand the test of time. The battle against drug trafficking is a world problem that can only be won by the governments of various countries cooperating together. Developing countries in South America have very powerful cartels that go on with their activities without the respective government’s interference because they are more powerful and they run a parallel government.

A lot of money and proceeds from money laundering rackets find their way into drug trafficking. The two illegal operations work closely trying to cover the other’s activities which perpetuates corruption running into billions of US dollars annually globally. Governments should collude and provide information about the investments that are done in their country by foreigners and at least authenticate the supply of their finances because mostly it’s from cash laundering. Where enormous cash flows are involved, a detailed follow-up across borders should be done so as to stop the scheme early to suffocate drug smuggling rings that make the eventual beneficiary of the money (Leukefeld, Clayton, & Myers, 1992).

For an long time, the US has had to unilaterally in the battle against substance abuse but this is a scourge that is plaguing the whole world. Other countries should be actively involved especially those in South America. Controls of chemicals that manufacture the drugs, improvement of the legal and judicial systems are needed to put this menace behind us. In those countries where there are perceptions that the US is gaining on them in the war aimed at drug trafficking, they always inject lots of money through the corruption of the legal/judicial systems in order to frustrate the US efforts. A task force should be put in place spearheaded by the US to eradicate drug trafficking (Matheo, 1997).

Another waterfront against the drug war is internally where policies should be finalized to drastically reduce the usage of drugs within the country. The more the demand for these drugs within the US the more the increase in the supply and by the end of the day the war would be lost. Educating the masses creating public enlightenment through campaigns can really help. Although a lot has been said about drug and substance abuse, it’s never enough and this is something that keeps on changing with time because new drugs are hitting the markets every day. With the advent of each day, new ways for trafficking that are cleverly disguised are invented which should drive the drug policy enforcers and agencies into top gears to combat them. Studies have revealed a correlation between the public perception of banned substances and their abuse which stresses the point of public education. Enforcement of the law should also be strengthened to curb drug abuse. Proper definition and categorization of drugs should be done to avoid abuse of some drugs which are useful medically but are open to abuse if used for purposes not intended for. A lot of drugs should be not bought at the pharmacy rather they should be gotten from the concerned authorities. Rehabilitation centers for drugs abusers should be opened to take care of junkies and beneficiaries of such projects are encouraged to go out and talk in public forums and try to talk to people who are engaged in drug abuse especially the youth and the young. Treating addicted people will reduce the demand for the drug in the market and this will lower the supply in the market (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2009).

The usefulness of interdicting drugs trafficked to or through the US territory should be evaluated because it usually causes strained relations from the countries where the drugs originate from. In some cases, it has led to political unrest especially in the people low in the society like the peasant farmers whose livelihood depends solely on the plants that the drugs are extracted. These interdictions do not appear to be working because despite the seizure there seems to be a vicious feedback mechanism where even more drugs are finding their way into the US soil. The interdictions seem to be creating and opening new trafficking routes through Africa and opening new fronts. This is possible because many African states are unstable politically and there is rampant corruption in the black market (Leukefeld, Clayton, & Myers, 1992)


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