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What Makes the “Singapore” Text Effective?

A non-literary text of the “Singapore” flyer is a type of analysis advertisement. This text aims at informing the reader about the chosen Central Singapore District and the importance to recognize its activities in society, underling the concepts of inequality and social support. At first glance, the author of this brochure remains unknown. However, contact information of the Central Singapore Community Development Council (CDC) could serve as evidence that the members of the group were the developers. The intended audience is any individual who may come across this flyer and learn the possibility of contributing to the center. After reading the offered non-literary text, the reader understands that it is not enough to be aware of social support but to participate in the life of the elderly and donate to increase the quality of life of the Singapore elderly.

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The overall design of the flyer is effective due to the possibility of the developers following the rule of three. There are three main sections in the text, “Did You Know?”, “What Can Be Done?”, and “How Will Your Donations Help?”. In one of the sections, there are three situations and three illustrative examples of why three people need help and social support. Another section contains three brief boxes to underline the reasons and outcomes of donations. The use of personal pronouns like “our”, “your”, and “themselves” helps define the role of the population and connects people. There are no “their” problems, but there is always a place for cooperation.

In general, this non-literary text is effective due to the chosen structure, brief and clear information, illustrative examples, and the use of appropriate linguistic devices. Modern people are usually aware of the needs of the older population. However, not all of them are ready to cooperate and make helpful contributions. Therefore, this flyer is a strong attempt made by the CDC to introduce an underprivileged group and explain the necessity of helping and participating in programs when donations become priceless.

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