Why Owning a Gun Is a Good Idea?

Talking about weapons usually makes people feel uncomfortable, scared, angry, or altogether. Many of us have heard stories about violent attacks and those who fell innocent victims of them. Some of us have even lost close people because of gun shootings. People tend to believe that guns are bad, and giving citizens the right to own a gun cannot lead to anything good. However, I would like to argue the opposite. In my opinion, guns are not that bad. What is bad is people who might use them in the wrong way. In general, however, owning a gun is not such a bad thing as it provides us with an opportunity to defend ourselves or our family and keep the potential criminals away from us. I think that owning a gun is a good idea, and my essay will be dedicated to defending this argument.

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According to research, the major reason for people wanting to have guns is the desire to protect themselves (Burnett). Other motives are driven by cultural and social pressure, insecurity and fear, and recreational activities (Burnett). Protection is what I would like to draw attention to in the first place. While the opponents of gun ownership say that it is dangerous to have a gun, I would say that it is even more dangerous not to have one. Even if you never happen to use it, having some kind of weapon gives a feeling of security and stability. Owning a gun empowers people to think that they can protect their family and home from dangerous or criminal elements. In his book, an advocate of gun-owning rights John Lott emphasizes that people who have guns do not use them as frequently as their opponents might think (1-2). Indeed, having something one thing, whereas using it is a different issue. Gun owners may never come to the point when they will apply their shooting skills, but having a gun as a measure of protection gives people a sense of safety. The reason why so many citizens are against gun-owning is that all negative issues concerning gun misuse are widely discussed and broadcast. However, there are much more people who do not abuse their gun-owning rights. While the stories of peaceful gun-owning are not revealed in the press, the majority of opponents tend to believe that such stories merely do not exist.

According to statistics, two out of three US citizens reported owning guns in 2013 (Kalesan et al. 216). Out of this number, the gun ownership rate was nearly two times higher among the people who reported social gun culture in comparison to those who did not report any (Kalesan et al. 216). Such close association of social culture and gun-owning may raise another wave of protest from the opponents. They may argue that social groups are dangerous for society and people belonging to the present potential risks to peaceful citizens. However, I do not agree with this. Social group members tend to support one another; there are friends and whole families in them. What is more, people admitted not using their guns but having them as a result of social gun culture. Owning a gun helps to raise social status in some groups, but it does not necessitate the owner to become a user. While many people find social gun culture threatening, I reckon that when they were asked to recollect some stories of social groups using their weapons, they would fail to do so. Therefore, I think that counteragents of gun-owning should consider what they are trying to oppose: social groups’ tendency to owning guns or the very existence of social groups as institutions.

Another thing I would like to discuss is the recreational use of guns. Again, some may say that it is a violent practice to have fun from shooting. However, I think that these people forget how stressful some jobs or situations are. Not everyone can relieve stress by listening to peaceful music or eating some chocolate. When it comes to recreational shooting, it should be regarded merely as a hobby (Burnett). Whether one prefers target shooting or hunting, it is his/her right to spend free time as he/she wishes. In such cases, no people are hurt, and the gun becomes just equipment for someone’s hobby. Hunting is a different issue and will not be covered in this essay, but I think that people have a full right to do what they want in their free time. Thus, if we consider a gun as an instrument used for hobbies, there should be no disagreement about owning it. Everyone is free to spend leisure time in the way which is most favored by them.

Notwithstanding all positive issues concerning the utilization of guns with beneficial purposes, there is still much evidence of weapon misuse (Kalesan et al. 220). Also, a popular counterargument to gun ownership is that it may provoke cruel and antisocial behavioral patterns. While there is a grain of truth in this information, I do not think that gun ownership is responsible for all violence occurring in the world. On the contrary, many crimes are committed due to people’s inability to defend themselves against criminals. Many citizens who neglect the opportunity to legally own a gun and learn how to use it become victims of assaults or get involved in other dangerous situations from which there is no escape.

Cruelty does not arise from gun-owning. Cruelty appears because of people’s character and psychosocial deficiencies. In somebody’s arms, a steering wheel becomes a dangerous weapon, and an inattentive driver can kill him/herself as well as other innocent people. In other cases, alcohol may become a killing mechanism that drives people to commit crimes due to violence or carelessness. Under some circumstances, practically anything can become a potential weapon. It is not right to say that people owning guns are more inclined to cruelty. In many cases, these people are the ones who want to eliminate the cruelty coming from others. I think that survey results presented by Lott talk for themselves: in the majority of defensive situations, it is enough to “brandish” a gun in front of the offender to break off the attack (Lott 3). Unfortunately, our society is not ready to accept this fact, but I hope that the situation will change, and people will realize the difference between having a gun and utilizing it for adverse purposes.

I am not defending the right of people to kill other people. I am not arguing that it is a good idea to walk around and threaten everyone with weapons. I am not supporting violence of any kind. What I am trying to say is that the idea of owning a gun is good. However, I am not encouraging anyone to use it for bullying or fun. Guns may be used for recreation by people who have a highly stressful job or enjoy the excitement and physical activity. Most of all, I believe that guns should be owned for the self-protection and security of one’s family. However, all of us should bear in mind the difference between owning and using. Sometimes, merely having a gun may save you or your close people from danger.

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