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Women Displayed in ‘She’ and ‘The Vagabond’ Films


The films ‘she’ and ‘the vagabond’ by Robert Day’s and Agnes Vardas consecutively have a similar way in which they have displayed the women. They are displayed as beautiful beings whose beauty is mainly to lure men for certain favors. The women in the movie seem to understand the beauty that they have and how the same can be used to track the males that they need. Their bodies seem to be their most expensive assets that they can basically use to get anything that they want from the men. They are tricky and use lies to lure them immediately into their game (James, 57). Their strength is in the sexual orientation which they use to ensure that things are done their way. They are also displayed as immoral people who do not care about their dignity but rather what they need to obtain. They seem to have lost respect of their bodies and focused on other material gains. The themes displayed in both movies include immorality, exploitation and social misfit. The difference is however on the order of the events in which the main characters use their feminine nature to lure the men and make them do what they want to do.

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Main body

In the film of ‘she’ the woman who seems to know much about the man abducted claims to be a reincarnation of his former lover. She promises to show her love and romance as long as he accompanies her to a lost city. The man together with his friends set to this epic journey only to be met by situations and circumstances that are costly to their lives. In the film, the vagabond, the woman uses her physical appearance to reveal the beauty in her (Callahan, 220). Despite her beauty, she seems to be in certain captivity where she does not exactly enjoy how she displays herself yet has to due to the surrounding situations. What her face displays is contrary to what she feels inside, she is generally faced with trials that make her unfit socially. She is faced with social dilemmas that the picture seen on the screen can not provide her with a lasting solution. This however seems to be the only life that make meaning to her even though she finds no satisfaction in it.

In the movie images of bondage, the author displays the difference in which the image of the woman is displayed in terms of race. The white woman is displayed to be more conservative about their image while the blacks are not. This is a reflection of the colonial times when slavery was rampart in America. The blacks were generally at the mercies of the white race who would misuse them in any way for their gains. Their bodies were not their own as they were forced to do what the Whiteman required them to do. Even though slavery affected both genders in America, the females were the most endangered. They were required to perform unimaginable tasks that they would have otherwise never consented to. As they began to incorporate them in movies, they were made to play roles that displayed them as immoral (Foster, 67). This, they seem to do without any fear compared to their white counterparts who felt embarrassed about displaying themselves. The woman is also displayed as an individual that will do anything to please the men in their vicinity. This is usually done with no consideration of their health and psychological well being. This is a weakness that they have been able to overcome no matter the torture and pain that they go through.


The image of women as displayed by this films reflects that it is her body that matters more than what she may be feeling. The authors have exaggerated the nature in which a woman displays herself. It seems like her looks and sexual orientation are most essential. She may hence not need to struggle in life to gain favor or attention especially from the men. She only needs to display her body to them and it will be enough. As much as a woman struggles to involve in another activities that will probably grant her favor from her man, she is faced with heartaches and pains (Monush, 550). This is because she realizes that all her efforts are in vain as the man seems to notice none of her hard work. This kind of displays reveals that a woman has to express herself sexually for them to gain the necessary attention. Unless they do this, it is likely that they will not obtain what they seriously need. This they do, whether they feel like it or not. They are required to forget all about their dignity and feelings and focus on the need that is ahead of them. This is the order of the day as displayed in the films. This is kind of pretension that the women wear to signify that they are okay with what they are doing when in the real sense, they are doing it to obtain a certain kind of favor or advantage.

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