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Documentary Movies Review

From the award-winning “Miss Representation” film, Jenifer Siebel has excelled in her career in documentary films that portray both genders’ life in society. “The Mask You Live In” is yet another documentary film with some of its cast being experts in various fields like neuroscience, psychology, education, and sports. A few are trying to expound on the crisis facing these boys’ solutions to tackle them. The film achieves this through clear discussions and explanations of these teens’ social problems and their remedies.

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The film illustrates how young men struggle to stay authentic in American culture, where masculinity has narrowly been defined.

These young men and boys get influenced by their fellow peers or adults surrounding their lives, with some attempting suicide or resolving conflicts through violence in an attempt to be men. The film’s success has been achieved in several ways. For instance, both the narrators’ and actors’ proper and effective communication styles relay the message efficiently and appropriately. Also, men from all races and age groups give the film an authentic representation and exploration of toxic masculinity happening in the American community. The interviewed boys share their stories emotionally to send the message of how hard it is to navigate and get through the challenging troubles.

While transparency is one of the film’s successes, offensive and strong language is an issue. That can be a hindrance to many viewers as they will find it inappropriate and unacceptable to follow it. Because of its in-depth exploration of masculinity, the film is suitable for viewers who want to raise a new generation of emotionally connected men to share their challenges when faced with them.

In this three-hour documentary film “Women Who Make America,” the director Barak Goodman shows the struggle and fight women from different social strata have put to end the prejudice against them. The narrator, Meryl Streep, gives the story of these notable women who helped end social and political injustices against women in different fields for the past five decades. The movie is a true depiction of how women have struggled to end injustices in society.

The most important thing the film could have done was to set a series of guidelines for the young generation on how to carry the legacy to appreciate and guide them on how to guard it. The unwavering commitment of women in the fight against inequality during the five decades the film is based on shows their resilience. This commitment is depicted by the use of imagery and historical footage which shows the stories and issues.

Unity and cooperation form the basis from which their success in this struggle got attributed. Muting of Strong and offensive language gives viewers the comfort of watching the film. However, a range of topics discussed in the film is unsuitable to young teens, therefore, cutting them off from the list of audiences. These topics touch on sexuality, rape, and abortion with plenty of humor about sex. This discussion raises the question of whether young women can handle such sensitive topics and could be the right audience, having muted strong language.

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To sum up, the film is worth watching by girls mature enough because they will find inspirational stories told by America’s smart and impressive women. It impacts their knowledge to them of America’s history of women whose triumphs and challenges have resulted in modern-day movements aimed at guarding and protecting women’s rights. Thus, this movie is more inspirational for young adult women due to its empowerment.

Jenifer Siebel’s “Miss Representation” is an award-winner documentary film that focuses on how the media represent women. The film is comprised of a selected group of high-profile women who are against the media depiction of women. Rather than focusing on remedies to the way media degrades women, the film poses juxtaposition. This serves as fuel to an already biased society against women instead of offering a solution.

One of the most critical aspects of the film is how the media has portrayed women to its viewers and created a deep consciousness that women are fundamentally meant to be insecure. The film should have offered a clear and logical solution to the resentment and anger shown by those interviewed. The interviews are done with a group of women selected primarily because they are incredibly versed in women’s representation in the media. It gives the film enough content to explore and understand how these media channels portray women.

The choice of soundtrack is affirmative to the way the selected group of people expresses their views. However, the director of the film failed to recognize the voices of those women without credentials like Ph.Ds. or CEOs of specific companies, but rather the choice of the group to be interviewed shows how the former are rendered voiceless and their opinions never considered. Again, why did the film leave out women living with disabilities, yet their opinions are essential considerations. There is evidence of dialogue inconsistency where we see most of the talking done by the white women. The film denied Rachel Maddow a chance to talk about her being a lesbian, which shows how discriminatory it is towards specific opinions.

The viewer can conclude that the film is a further upgrade of a disgusting depiction of women in society. Moreover, it does not offer solutions on how to change the way media channels portray women. They speak of their frustrations and anger without consciously giving any solution to them. Therefore, there is a lack of sense in the way the film was created as it lacks a solution or motivation on how to change the situation.

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