Work Reintegration Strategies Analysis


The article under discussion is devoted to the analysis of the strategies aimed at assisting clients in returning to work. According to the article, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has formulated a series of offers that are intended to help clients in rehabilitative care to return previous place work shortly after an illness or an infraction (Canelon, 1994).

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It is suggested that the course of reintegration starts with the evaluation of a client’s potential ability to return to the previous employment. In case if the clinical analysis shows that a client has a large rehabilitation potential, a job site analysis JSA) is carried out in order to indicate the critical functions that the client’s job implies. As long as the analysis is completed, the step-by-step strategy might be, consequently, worked out in accordance with the client’s peculiarities.

The major part of the article is devoted to the description of three case reports. The relevant reports show that a job site analysis has a positive influence on the client’s readiness to return to work. The principle benefit of this analysis resides in the fact that it allows generating a precise rehabilitation plan. A particular focus is put on the clients with neurologic and orthopaedic conditions. These clients are particularly successful in reintegrating into the previous employment with the help of the JSA.

Therefore, the authors come to a conclusion that the JSA can help health care workers to generate effective treatment strategies in returning a certain number of clients with neurological and orthopaedic state the previous employment. Nevertheless, it is, likewise, noted that the relevant field needs further study. Thus, a series of research should be carried out to examine the interconnection between JSA, the effectiveness of rehabilitation, and the cost-effectiveness of this intervention.


A successful returning to employment is critical for any patient. The process of rehabilitation is very challenging and one often needs a qualified assistance in order to cope with all the difficulties. The article under analysis points out the importance of ADA while promoting the collaboration of the occupational therapy services. ADA fights against discrimination, and assures that people with various disabilities receive equal employment chances (Americans With Disabilities Act Of 1990, As Amended, 2008). Thus, ADA points out the directions for the health care workers to improve their performance. The article focuses on the idea of employing a job site analysis as a method to help health care workers generate an efficient rehabilitation plan. In the meantime, the implementation of the method described in the article requires the consideration of a series of critical aspects.

First and foremost, the criteria for the determination of the client’s potential rehabilitation capacity are not stated in the article. Thus, the question arises concerning the factors the evaluation method. Moreover, the question of assessing the outcomes is not utterly clear as well. Hence, it is essential to find out how to assess the efficiency of a client’s rehabilitation. Finally, the article does not provide an explicit description of the intervention’s limitation. All the findings presented in the case studies refer to the clients with neurological and orthopaedic. However, it is unclear what factors determine this kind if a limitation.

The article under discussion illustrates that an effective strategy for clients’ return to employment might be worked out on condition that all the assisting measures are employed, including the collaboration with ADA.

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