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Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is a topic that has received increased attention in recent years. The impact of equal employment opportunity programs on the nation’s workforce is undeniable. In the workplace, the diversity advantages have been studied and extensively documented. However, practice shows that there are still problems with diversity in the workplace in some organizations. Many leaders are often convinced that they are devoid of any prejudice against employees, but this is not always the case (TEDx Talks, 2016). Sometimes to see the current problems and find the causes of discrimination, it is necessary to analyze the situation from the inside and talk to those whose opinions are fundamentally different (TEDx Talks, 2017). Diversity of perspectives gives more room for creative and unconventional approaches in decision-making, which increases the productivity of companies (Wong, 2020). Inclusiveness increases employee motivation, which in turn affects their loyalty to the firm and reduces staff turnover (Wong, 2020). In a heterogeneous team, it is more likely that every voice will be heard; respectively, the chance that customers’ needs will be perceived and taken into account increases.

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One of the problems encountered when implementing a policy of inclusion is when conflicts arise between representatives of different cultures. This is due to the different mentalities of employees, specific habits, and manners unique to their community, which may be unacceptable to other team members. To solve such a problem, I would invite experts who would conduct workshops among employees about the importance of respecting differences. In addition, efforts would need to be made to improve friendships among employees through corporate recreational activities. Another problem is when employment is based not on workers’ skills but on the need to meet current job diversity standards. To overcome this problem, I would suggest conducting anonymous testing, during which it is impossible to know in advance what gender, social status, or race a person is applying for a specific position.


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