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Implementation of Workplace Safety Standards Regarding Chemicals


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Death and injury due to accidental chemical exposure is a constant and real danger in construction sites around the world. On average nearly 30 million workers a year are exposed to hazardous substances due to improper handling standards, no prior knowledge regarding the corrosiveness of a particular chemical and a distinct lack of proper safety gear when handling such substances in an unstable location. This represents a real and substantial danger to human life and as such requires the creation of proper standards in terms of educating the workers about particular corrosive chemicals and their proper handling procedures as well as implementing the use of adequate safety gear when handling them (Workplace Safety Saves, 12).

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The lack of proper chemical safety standards at work results in two distinct things: injuries and death in various construction sites as well as the creation of a negative public image for a company as a result of these accidents. What companies must understand is that ensuring the proper education and safety of their workers not only ensures that fewer delays occur on construction sites due to work related injuries but it improves the overall public safety standards attached to the company which results in a better overall public perception regarding the company itself (Wagner et al., 77).

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As such, ensuring proper adherence to safety standards is a necessity for all companies since not only does this ensure the safety of their employees but presents a positive image to the general public.

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By utilizing proper workplace safety programs and equipment companies are able to lessen the number of work based accidents and ensure employee safety.


Central Idea

Properly educating employees regarding the hazards of particular chemicals in workplace environments has been shown to prevent the occurrence of chemical based accidents within various work areas.

  1. Advantages of Proper Workplace Safety Education
    1. Ensures employees adhere to proper safety standards
    2. Gives sufficient incentive to employees to handle chemicals with care
    3. Enables employees to know what particular do and for what purpose
    4. Creates a safer work environment
    5. Ensures that employees do not work in areas with chemicals without proper knowledge beforehand

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Aside from proper work place safety education, the utilization of proper equipment when handling dangerous chemicals is also a necessity in ensuring adequate work place safety

Necessity for Utilizing Safety Equipment

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  1. Prevents accidents from occurring
  2. Ensures that even if accidents do occur the lives of workers are safe guarded
  3. Ensures that workers are proper protected when handling potentially corrosive chemicals
  4. Prevents workers from directly handling toxic materials

Transition Sentence

It can be assumed that should any company successfully implement such steps in the future the end result would be a significantly lower rate of death or accidents in a particular construction project.


Based on the facts presented it can be seen that the implementation of proper workplace safety standards regarding chemicals is not all that hard to do. By implementing both proper methods of education and utilizing adequate safety equipment companies can ensure the safety of their workers and create a positive public image. When taking into consideration the fact that the lives of employees are safeguarded when proper safety standards are implemented more companies should utilize the two types of preventive measures presented in order to help implement future safety standards in their own organizational structure.


It must be noted though that no matter the amount of safety precautions undertaken basic human carelessness and laziness can undo them all which explains why work place accidents still occur despite measures taken to prevent them.

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