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Worldly Writing on Music: K-Pop Culture

Music is an essential component in the socio-cultural mainframe of any community due to the trickle-down effect of influencing emotional connectivity despite diversity. Heterogeneity is an issue across the different ethnic groups that leads to conflicts among individuals hence the significance of exchanging values and norms. In this case, it is crucial to utilize dynamic elements to enhance the understanding and appreciation of multiplicity across the international domain. An excellent example is the utilization of BTS songs, especially the single “Singularity” in Love Yourself: Her Album. The crew sings in Korean, hence a different tune from the American norm of the symphony industry (Fuchikami 1). Apart from the distinct dialect, the BTS band exploits the alteration of the four-part harmony with a higher variation of the pitch that is different from the American practice involving a balance of the sounds.

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In the song “Singularity” in Love Yourself: Her BTS album, there is a profound similarity to American jazz due to the harmony of the sounds and the lyrical tune from the artists. The artistry exploited in the melody is exemplary and perfectly integrates Korean and American musical culture. In a different spectrum, the BTS group incorporates autotune in the second composition, namely, “Fake Love,” which shows the profound correspondence between Korean and American constructs in the industry (Kim 1). The primary purpose of the strategy enshrines the promotion of adjustments to the pitch variation to cover up the imperfections during the production process. The second hymn encapsulates the integration of Korean and American pop mores regarding the higher acclivity through the intonation from the autotune (K-Pop Entertainment Official). Therefore, BTS compose chords that attribute a multiplicity of the two spectral practices, that is, America and Korea.

Music is a vital element that fosters the articulation of a community’s cultural beliefs and practices. An excellent example is the hip hop and jazz genres that mainly represent African Americans. Despite the representative feature through the songs, one of the prominent aspects of the compositions is the use of common language, that is, English. As a boy band from Korea, BTS focuses on alleviating the xenophobic barrier in America through the utilization of both Korean and American dialects (Jääskeläinen 2). Additionally, the crew diversifies the harmony in the hymns as pop, R&B, and jazz strains. The fusing of the dynamic artistic aspects fosters the attraction of an assorted sect in the industry. The primary goal instrumentals encompass promoting entertainment and the sense of identity and association among the listeners. The aesthetic value in the American community involves the production of notes enhancing a sense of belonging for the audience. Therefore, BTS is one of the teams in the industry that optimally fosters the presentation of dynamic experience from the rhapsodic developments.

Succinctly, listening to the BTS new album offers a proficient experience that fosters a relation to the American musical culture. The group integrates the Korean and American aspects of harmony in songs to establish a variant pitch representative of the target genre. Apart from using a different language, there is a significant articulation of the tune based on the manipulation of the autotune and the successive sounds featured in the four-part balance. Although in some melodies, the BTS exploits unison in the elements, in other compositions, the band focuses on fostering the eloquent spectrum of the different genres, such as jazz and pop.

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