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Writing: Myths and Reality

Writing well is a skill that not everyone has but it is possible to achieve a certain level. The myth that some people will not be able to write well, no matter how hard they try, is a myth. Practice will enable a person to reach any heights they set for themselves. From an early age, a person is required to do some form of writing. The requirement is directed towards self-expression and the making of own thoughts non-private. When a person writes, physically putting thoughts onto paper, they gain an ability to express themselves, which has much application in the real world. The skill of connecting words and phrases into sentences is very useful, as it makes a person more eloquent in transferring their thoughts and opinions to others. In reality “correct writing” is a very relative thing. The books that are published every day often have unordinary rules and styles of writing. The regulations that govern schools and other educational institutions’ writing are set up for a purpose of commonality. It is easier for teachers and professors to check for mistakes and evaluate the work. Writing is a profession, just like any other. Those who do not need it for work or personal needs, do not have a want to learn the techniques and styles. Many professions require writing. Workplace writing is very formal and requires a specific style in the expression of thoughts. It must be precise and relay the information as specifically as possible. The writing style is very individual but it is inapplicable in the workplace because there are regulations to follow. Society demands that a person writes well.

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The reports that are made about the work process require a person to know the writing styles. As there are many ways to interpret the information, it is extremely important to be able to say what is meant and felt. People, who specialize in speaking, also have the skill to write well. Their job or lifestyle demands them to speak and write with a high level of skill. Those who give great speeches can influence others in a major way. The strength of words has been known for a long time and often it is said that words are stronger than actions. Language in general is a very powerful tool that gives people an opportunity to develop themselves and evolve into better individuals. With the eternal amount of information, there is no limit to what a person can say or write and so, people can spend their whole lives writing and learning. The writing style also depends on the audience that will be reading the work. There are age differences but also differences in backgrounds. Certain cultures have their ways and norms of expression and words that are allowed to be spoken or written publicly. The private use of writing is limitless, as everyone sets their own rules. Sometimes there are hardships to express what is meant and time must be allowed to make sure that the precise nature of thoughts and ideas is understood. It is said that actions speak louder than words and it is true. The language will never be able to show the true nature of feelings, as words are physical entities while feelings are immaterial and divine.

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